A Healing in the Non Physical World


An amazing story of love, healing and the Afterlife that demonstrates

  • The universe is just not matter, but a field of energy where we are all energetically connected in the physical and non-physical dimensions (space) and in linear and non-linear continuums (time).
  • The immense power of our perceptions and beliefs in controlling the outcome of our health and destiny.
  • We should listen to our vibes and inner wisdom to expand our consciousness beyond our senses.

The Daughter:

A beautiful, educated, centered, grounded, successful woman in her 40s was exhausted and requested a leave of absence from work to grieve the loss of her mother.  She could not understand why she was not healing. Believing in the afterlife and that her Mother, who had died of cancer, was in a better place. She could not understand why her eyes filled with tears so easily. She lacked focus, passion and life force energy. She was very close to her mother and they adored each other. The deep pain and pressure in her chest since her mother passed away six months previously was just as strong.

Why was she so depleted? I visualized a large deep gaping wound in the heart chakra at the center of her chest. It looked as though she had been sliced open and her heart removed. Her energy field was severely compromised. As a child of immigrant parents she learned to speak English in school and assimilation was important. The rich cultural and spiritual traditions of her parents’ birth country were no longer practiced in the home as she grew up in. This lack of connection would prove costly as her mother began her transition to the Afterlife.

The Mother:

The universe is not just matter, but a field of energy where we are all energetically connected in the physical and non-physical dimensions (space) and in linear and non-linear continuums (time). I connected energetically with the mother who was in a dark, silent, low vibrational state of confusion, her life force depleted. Two grim faced Elders in traditional clothing looked on nearby. Her mother did not receive the traditional death ritual. She was paralyzed, reluctant to go with the Elders. As a conservative, beautiful and intelligent woman she wondered if she had done enough for her daughter. She regrets not practicing her traditions, her husband wanted to assimilate, not to stand out, to become American to live the American dream. She had acquiesced. During her life in the United States the silvery white energetic thread to her ancestors had gotten very thin. She felt she did not deserve the guidance from the Elders.

The field of energy holds all information and it is a matter of tuning into a vibration to receive and transmit information. We are all connected in this world and the next. I worked to raise her frequency to move her forward in her transition to the Afterlife.

Daughter and Mother:

The mother and daughter were soul partners in many previous lives making the energetic cord between them strong. As an energetic intuitive I observed the child holding the Mother’s hand, setting a series of reactions in motion. The daughter’s soul did not hesitate to support her mother. She had no fear, as though she remembered the journey in the non-physical world. Flowers appeared along a stone path as though the daughter was willing them to appear where there were none moments before, only darkness. The daughter distracted her mother by telling her to look at the flowers. A stone path materialized winding through a garden. The path led to a thousand stone steps on the side of a mountain. The ascent up the steps seemed daunting. The blue sky above was scattered with white clouds amidst the purest air you could breathe but no one needed a breath.

The time spent in the darkness (low frequency field of energy) depleted the Mother’s life force. After a few steps her shoulders slumped, her energy dwindled as though she would give up the ascent. At that moment magically the pair became light as air and floated above the steps joining the two elders in the Plane of Rest and Healing where the Mother would be reunited with her soul group and the daughter would return to her body.

As her mother ascended the steps the wound in the daughter’s chest healed. Once settled in the Afterlife the mother asked the daughter to create an altar and to place a picture of her mother with a smile on her face. The mother promised to always be near her and to visit in a dream in the coming months. She wants her granddaughter to know the family cultural customs. The daughter will ask her aunts about their cultural traditions and as best she can incorporate them into her and her daughters’ lives.

The story I told was my vision of what I sensed energetically, the details are my interpretation, but the essence is the same. A daughter’s deep, intense unconditional love was felt by a soul that helped that soul ascend into the light. A healing occurred in the non-physical reality for the Mother and in the physical reality for the daughter. Our prayers reach our dearly departed. Our spiritual practices and beliefs support our transition into the Afterlife. Being present for soul transitions is a treasured honor for me. As always I believe I witnessed a miracle.

Many Blessings,

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