Tips for Understanding the Afterlife And Its Mysteries.


Tips for understanding the Afterlife and its mysteries may change the way you view the world. A lot of people find death stressful because it is so intangible. They think about death with fear and worry. When someone dies it becomes real that we all will die. Then they begin to worry, when will I die? What will happen to me? Do you believe dead is dead? Or are you open to explore the possibilities?

I can tell you there is more to your existence than meets the eye. Mystical experiences with deceased souls taught me about the mysteries of life and death. Here is what I have to tell you. And it may surprise you!

First of All, What Is The Afterlife?

The Afterlife provides safe, loving support for souls to rest, heal, learn and transform. Psychics, medium and family members recount stories of deceased loved ones. These glimpses of the Afterlife remind us that the space between the physical world and the Afterlife is not such a big chasm after all.

A Great Cosmic Structure.

A mystical truth is the greater cosmos is filled with light, love, and energy. You came from light and you are light. The human race in its’ entirety is only a drop in the infinite universe. And a soul is a unique particle of light albeit infinitesimally small.

Your spirit is protected by a great cosmic structure that cannot be created or destroyed. You always were and always will be. The mystical and energy laws of the cosmos are constant for all of us. 

The First Mystery Is Death.

In an instant, the breath ceases and the heart stops. And a body dies. First of all, the spirit floats effortlessly out of the body. Secondly, a genuine sense of love and comfort washes over them. Without delay. Thirdly, you reunite with your loved ones. All physical limitations dissolve.

No physical body, no pain, no routines, no food, no exercise and no going to the bathroom in the Afterlife. You are free from the limitations of the physical world. This experience invigorates even the most tired souls. So without a body, what can you do?

The Planes of Light.

The mysteries in the Afterlife are limitless and as infinite as our universe. The Tibetan Book of the Dead and many other scholars describe twelve planes of light. The truth is there could be limitless planes or dimensions across the galaxies. A multiverse of beings and dimensions could exist.

What is a Plane Of Light?

Each plane of light vibrates at a specific frequency. Masters, tasks, and experiences all support specific lessons on each plane. 

Some planes focus on compassion, love, charity, healing, knowledge of the cosmic structure of the universe and many more. Many times angels developing certain skills will come to earth to help us. Ask an angel for help! 

Many teachers are available. For example, one of the lessons may be to embody wisdom. A wise person learns to be impeccable with their words. A higher skill than just being honest. You can be honest and hurt someone. A wise person uses their words carefully to convey difficult messages with compassion. So that they are received and heard.

A Cord to the Afterlife.

Your deceased loved ones will always be able to find you. You create an energetic cord during your life.  All experiences, thoughts, and emotions form the cord. Energy flows in both directions. A silvery-white thread always exists when there is love. All positive and negative frequencies travel on this cord. 

People who you had a difficult relationship can still cause you dis-ease. Sometimes, a cord needs to be cut in order to heal. 

A Client’s Story.

A client’s memory of her son who died of an overdose tormented her. All she could remember was his self-destructive behavior and the drain on her finances and life force. She worried about him every day. And now that he is dead, she cannot get the ugly memories out of her head. She could not bring herself to believe that he is now in a safe place where he is getting help. 

The soul came through during a healing energy session to describe to his mother how wonderful the Afterlife is for him. The messages she received from her son were healing.

The image of the human form is not the image of the soul. 

A Memory of a Violent, or Tragic Death.

The physical body can change before death, as with cancer or a debilitating disease. The body shrinks, the mind wanders, and emotions come and go. Sometimes it is hard to physically recognize your loved ones. 

The memory of a loved ones’ violent, horrific or tragic death can cause harm to the deceased soul. Your loved ones receive the vibrations from your thoughts, emotions, and actions in energy waves of subatomic particles.

People who bled to death are not still bleeding to death. People who died of cancer do not still have cancer. They have no body at all. Where you put your thoughts is where the energy flows, be mindful and send love. The truth is they want to be remembered as vibrant beings.

Trauma, Chronic Disease, Accidents and Violent Acts Often Lead to Anger.

It is important to remember that the body died but the spirit does not end. The spirit lives on, nothing can destroy the spirit. Anger, blame, hate and fear about the circumstances of death cause more suffering. The caregivers, healthcare workers, and family members did the best they could. All events are affected by the greater cosmos and often beyond our control. Yes, this or that could have been different. But, you do not know what sequences of events would have occurred.  

When you emit anger toward someone it lands in the universal consciousness and your body. The choice to release your anger back to the infinite field of consciousness creates more flow and vitality in your body, too.

Where Do ‘Bad People’ Go?

You may ask what happens to all those ‘bad’ people who die, the terrorist, rapists, and murderers? The same options are available to them. Even souls who had bad behavior and made choices against the good of mankind have an inner light that is seeking to be whole.

Where Does Hate Go In the Afterlife?

A retired woman came to me for a healing energy session because she lacked joy even though she had a great life. She expected to find joy in retirement. And to her surprise after a year she found little joy. I sensed anger in her body.

The anger was toward her father in law who died decades earlier. She said, “I hate him and will never forgive him for what he did.” The electromagnetic charge of her hate was sent to the soul of her father-in-law.

What Do You Hate?

I asked, “What do you hate? Do you hate the image of this man that no longer exists? An illusion of the physical body of a man that is gone. We are all beings of divine light, and he is too. He left his physical body on earth and entered the Afterlife to heal, learn, forgive and be forgiven – his essence is no longer the man you hated.”

How Can You Hate a Four-Year-Old Boy?

I tuned into the energy of the deceased man. The man was in the body of a four-year-old boy reincarnated with hopes for a happy life. This soul was no longer an abusive alcoholic. His mission is to love and to be loved on earth.

Hate Is A Two Way Street.

My client could not receive joy because of her hate. Joy was blocked. The man had moved on and she was still suffering. She finally let it go when she forgave herself for wanting it to be different. The realization that you can not change the past opened her to receive joy. It takes great courage to accept what is and move one. She found her courage through the realization that we are all spirit and evolving.

I implore you to release hate and if you can — open your heart. So that we can stop this crazy cycle of hatred, to allow rebirth, and to instill hope for all of us to have a better life. The act of forgiveness and acceptance is a path to heal.

Our Loved One’s May Find a Ministry in the Afterlife.

Sometimes a loved one dies to bring more light to the Afterlife. The Afterlife is not separate from earth, we need more light everywhere. I have met souls that believed they could do more to help their loved ones from spirit than in human form. The releasing of souls back to the Afterlife brings more light to heal departed souls.

A Story from a Client.

A client whose father died in his fifties came to me for healing. The father’s spirit explained to me that he was deeply spiritual, worked hard at his career, loved his family and yet he was not able to incorporate a ministry on earth. His vocation is to serve others.

He explained to me that he could reach so many more people in spirit. And he could teach souls in the Afterlife to send love to the earth. The Afterlife needed another teacher and he agreed to the task. My client was proud of her father and his ministry.

How Far Can Light Beings Travel in Space is a Mystery?

In the Afterlife, you are no longer limited by your physical body or geography. You are simply a being of light. If you could travel at the speed of light, you would be able to circumnavigate the globe approximately seven and a half times in one second.

Our loved ones in the Afterlife have limitless abilities to travel to earth and find you, your children and loved ones. You can ask them for help, too. Perhaps they can travel even faster than light, who knows.

Be Open to Receive Messages.

Psychics communicate with souls. And you can too if you have recognized a loved one in a dream or vision. You never know how a deceased loved one will let you know they are near. So be open to a miracle. Deceased souls are often persistent, loving and surprising. Keep your eyes open!

For example, you see a woman in a store who looks like your aunt who died. Your Aunt just let you know she is thinking about you. Your heart warms and for an instant, you feel her, too. These are precious gifts of remembering. When you are open to the possibility, you receive the gifts.

A cloud formation, flower, butterfly, animal, feather or bird are common reminders. A bird appears and you think of your mother. It is most likely your mother. Trust the messages you receive!

Every Human on Earth Is a Soul on Its Own Journey.

There is so much more than we will ever understand about a soul’s journey. Your loved ones in the Afterlife are the sum total of every life they have ever lived.

In a clairvoyant reading, I met an ancient soul who had chose to live a short life. He committed suicide at the age of eleven due to bullying at school. He was gay and proud. The ancient man said, “My life was to bring consciousness to a community. And it worked the school and town adopted many new practices.”

You are more than this one life as well. Your soul’s consciousness is embedded in your body and can be accessed with your intuition and guidance from your spirit guides.

A Soul Returns to Earth.

Many wonders of nature remain a mystery to us. So too, is the mystery of a soul’s journey back to earth. A soul agrees to incarnate after a conversation with their spirit guides, soul group, and earth parents’. A soul contract is prepared and agreed upon prior to the birth based on opportunities to learn earth lessons and share intrinsic gifts with the world.

Tips for Understanding the Afterlife and Its Mysteries Unraveled.

  • There is no separation between us and the Afterlife– we are all one.
  • The universe is a field of moving particles of energy.
  • The soul experience on earth is an infinitesimally small piece of a much bigger puzzle of many soul lives.
  • When a soul returns to the Afterlife there is an attempt to balance all experiences of many lives.
  • A soul returns to earth with guidance from their soul group and teachers.
  • Anger, fear, and hate are frequencies of light that limit life force on earth and the Afterlife.
  • You will see your loved ones again.
  • You can call on your loved ones and ancestors for guidance, they are happy to help you.
  • Each soul continues to have free will and is not coerced.
  • There is no time or space; time is not linear, and space is unlimited.
  • All consciousness transcends time, space and the physical body of a human being. We are eternal.

The Afterlife Is Dynamic.

Can you remember an event in your life that lasted but one minute and changed the shape of your future? Souls too can have an experience in the Afterlife that can change them forever. Those who made poor choices or died tragically on earth can heal with support and love. The Afterlife is dynamic, and souls are evolving. Your loved ones are evolving, too.

An understanding of the mysteries of the Afterlife and the souls who exist there can free us from our burden of grief and fear. Souls in the Afterlife are having the experience they are supposed to be having so that they can evolve consciousness, rest, heal and build the capacity to love the world. When in doubt – trust that your loved ones are exactly where they are supposed to be, most likely they are.

Your Loved Ones Are Fine.

In the Afterlife, there is much to do, nothing to do, much to learn, and nothing to learn. Souls have free will to choose. They are not coerced.

I have heard so many stories from souls there is no way to know all the possibilities with our limited human minds. Try to be open to miracles beyond what you can see and comprehend. Miracles are everywhere, and always will be, all possibilities exist at the same time. I can tell you your loved ones are fine, so stop worrying.

Tips for understanding the Afterlife and its mysteries can heal grief and ignite a desire to live life to its fullest. Kathi Pickett, RN is mediumistic and communicates with souls to provide understanding and healing. As a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Kathi can release grief through energy healing.  Contact Kathi for a healing energy session or learn more about the Afterlife.

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