Afterlife Quotes To Bring You Comfort After Losing a Loved One

Afterlife Quotes To Bring You Comfort After Losing a Loved One

Most of us have experienced the death of a family member, friend, child and animal for which we cared deeply. It is normal to wonder about them. Where are they? What are they doing? Do they remember me? The loss of a loved one is one of life’s most painful experiences. You miss the person’s physical hugs, their voice, and touch. Without their presence, guidance, and support you may feel lost.

Grief is complicated. It comes and goes in waves. One moment you are doing fine, and the next uncontrollable tears overwhelm you. These afterlife quotes can bring you comfort after losing a loved one.

A Process to Heal.

These Quotes from the Afterlife come from souls who I have met through my communication with the deceased. This communication is called mediumship. Everyone can sense, hear, see, or communicate with their deceased loved ones at some level. We all have different abilities. However, it is possible to develop this skill.


Mediumship requires a focused intention, a clear mind and an openness to receive and interpret the messages. And most of all to trust your first response. Many people discount their impressions as either not possible or unimportant. The truth is that some interpretations are apparent, and others will require more thought. Allow yourself whatever time it takes to understand what your loved one is trying to tell you. 

Hearing a Message.

Hearing and comprehending messages is trying through a veil of emotion, worry, despair, and when your heart is grief-stricken. You become numb. This numbing effect is your body protecting you while you work through the pain. As you work through the grief, you will connect more easily with them.

Here Is How To Begin to Hear Messages.

Think of someone who died that you would like to communicate with and do not worry if you will be bothering them. Your loved ones have free will to talk or not.

Imagine Your Loved One Is With You Now.

  • Firstly, allow an image of them to appear in your mind, settle in, close your eyes and imagine they are with you now. It is most helpful to remember them when they were healthy, happy and vibrant on earth because this was when they were at their highest vibration.
  • Secondly, clear your mind and command any distracting thoughts and emotions to float on a white cloud passing overhead. Uncomfortable thoughts and feelings can block the signal from getting through.

Set An Intention. 

  • Thirdly, set an intention to find out how they are doing and what they think about you. Perhaps you are going through a major life shift, and you wish you could talk it through with them. Or, you wonder if you should sell the house and move. Ask anything that comes to mind. The general question you can ask your loved one is what is it that they want you to know.

Trust They Are With You.

  • Fourthly, when you trust that your loved ones will communicate you create a portal to make it happen. Your loved ones want to ease your burdens so that you can enjoy your life.

If a Quote Jumps Out at You, It Is for You.

As you read the quotes, pay attention to feelings, thoughts, and emotions that come up in you. They may be related to a message. The more open you are, the easier it is to receive messages. Sometimes a soft, quiet voice in your head that sounds exactly like your loved one will offer guidance at just the right time. Or the scent of a perfume or a cigar or favorite meal will accompany the message to confirm their presence. A flash of light, a gentle breeze, coolness in the air or a light touch on your shoulder can be a sign, too.

Our Loved Ones Are Still Here.

The human body dies, and the spirit lives eternally. The essence of your loved one is the same essence as when they were in a human body. Therefore you will always find each other. A deceased soul can visit you in your dreams, at a celebration or be sitting right beside you at this very moment.

Afterlife Quotes For Healing.

These Afterlife quotes can bring you comfort after losing a loved one and open you to the possibility for more communication. 

No Earthly Worries.

  • “I have no more earthly worries. No finances, no yard work or dirty dishes, no going to the bathroom and no cleaning after everyone else.”
  • “No physical body, no pain, no regrets, and a sense of peace and calm.”
  • “Here in the Afterlife, I am safe, loved, supported and well.”

I Am Not Alone.

  • “Spirit guides are helping me learn and evolve.”
  • “So many loving people met me when I arrived. I am with the rest of the family. We get along just fine, better than on earth. There is no ego here. Our hearts are open to each other.”
  • “We are all connected on earth and in heaven. It is true we are all one.”

All Is Well.

  • “It was my time to go.”
  • “I wish I had told you more often how much I love you. The thing I miss most is your touch and your hugs.”
  • “Believe in yourself—you can do it, don’t be afraid. Your journey is just beginning be open to the possibilities to explore aspects of you that did not get to express when we were together. Learn to dance or scuba dive, whatever tickles your heart. Do it for me.”
  • “I will leave you signs, and please be open to see them.”

Afterlife Quotes from Children.

Heaven Is My Real Home.

  • “Remember heaven is my real home, the earth was temporary.”
  • “As an old soul who lived many lives, I am content here in the afterlife.”
  • “I wanted to bring some of the love from heaven to the earth, even though it was for a short time.”
  • “The earth called me to experience a family. So that as an angel, I could better help souls in heaven and earth to heal.”
  • “Heaven needs more light and love, too.”

I Will Always Love You.

  • “Thank you for everything you did for me. No one had ever made me feel more loved as when I was in your arms.”
  • “You may not understand why I had to leave. It is divine timing. One day you will understand.”
  • “My soul chose a short life to learn a lesson that you helped me learn. Thank you.”
  • “I always give you a goodnight kiss. Thank you for saying goodnight to me. It means a lot that you remember me.”
  • “When you are sad, I am sad, too. Let’s not be sad anymore. Please be happy for me.”

Quotes from Tragic, Traumatic, Accidental and Intentional Deaths.

Often, families, friends, parents, and siblings wonder if they could have done something or said something that would have kept them here. And deaths that occur out of the blue, with no warning can leave you wondering what you could have done to prevent an end to life. Here are some messages from souls whose death’s were tragic.

To Choose A Challenging Life.

  • “It is essential for you to to understand my passing was divine timing. There is nothing you could do. Forgiving myself has taken time, but I have learned to forgive myself for the things I did and didn’t do. Please receive the love that I am sending to you now and forever.”
  • “You are not to blame for my mistakes. All of my decisions are on me. No one’s fault, but my own. Once my life got out of control, my human mind, body, and emotions were not sufficient to bring me back to sobriety. Please take care of yourself and our family they need you now. In the afterlife, I am free to learn from the guides here.”

Love Is Forever.

  • “A stressful life took courage. You always loved me even when I stole from you and cost you so much money. My deepest apologies. Remember the child who played, laughed and dreamed. That is me now.”
  • “I see you are torturing yourself about the “What ifs?” Let go of your continually thinking about what you could have done to keep me on earth. Move on for me.  The sense of warmth you feel around you is me. I am here standing beside you now to soothe and comfort you.”

A Time To Heal.

  • “I did not make healthy choices; the last thing I want is for my death to be the reason you don’t make healthy choices. Get out and live your life as though everything is as it should be. All is well.”
  • “Many teachers are helping me to heal and learn here.”
  • “My mind is free, no more confusion, torment or shame.”
  • “It is beautiful where I am. Remember me by the happy memories we created.”
  • “I had to leave the way I did.
  • “Please forgive me I am sorry for all the misery I caused you, I am so much better now.”
  • “I send you loving signs through nature, be alert for butterflies and birds.”

Spirits in the Afterlife Can Be Anywhere, Anytime and Anyplace.

  • “As a soul, I can be in several places at once.”
  • “I can see you and your family. And I will be present for special events.”
  • “I watch over you every day.”
  • “You have free choice to live your life as you want; it is okay to remarry or sell the house.”

Call On Me Whenever You Need Me.

  • “You can call on all your loved ones and ancestors for guidance, not just me.”
  • “I have become one of your guides. I am always with you; ask me. I am only a thought away. I will always point you in the right direction.”
  • “You are more powerful and capable then you think. You can make the right decisions without me. Trust yourself. I will be here for you always behind the scenes.”

Do Not Lament For Too Long.

  • “Life is precious, live accordingly. Choose love.”
  • “I feel you when you cry and send unconditional love to comfort you. Allow the tears to come and transition them to tears of joy as you remember all the times we had together. Our tears are our natural way to cleanse and release fear and worry. Cry if and when you need to. It is normal and natural. Your tears cleanse the souls and are a sign of your healing.” 

Afterlife Quotes From Your Animals.

Animals have a unique essence as well as humans. And they will always find you. Cats, dogs, and horses seek coherence, peace, and healing, also. The following are quotes from animal spirits in the Afterlife.

  • “I will always love you.”
  • “Thank you for taking such great care of me.”
  • “You did the right thing at the end of my life. I was ready to go.”
  • “The new dog you got is a handful. I will help train the dog.”
  • “You have nothing to feel guilty.”
  • “I am still sleeping with you. Can you sense my warmth?”
  • “You are my best friend.”
  • “There is never a day I am not with you.”
  • “I still sit in my old chair.”
  • “We are soul mates.”
  • “Loving animals surround me, and offer comfort.”
  • “I will meet you in the Afterlife.”
  • “My love for you was a bridge for you to heal and learn to love yourself more. I loved you when you felt lost and alone. You loved me, therefore you can love another, too. It may be time to find a human relationship and trust in love.”
  • “I am with your Dad, now. No worries, we are together.”

Communication With Souls Comes with Practice.

I hope that one of these messages resonates with you so that you can start a conversation with your loved one. Once you begin the process, it becomes more natural, and you develop a method that works bests for you.

As you embrace the Afterlife and accept consciousness is eternal then every choice becomes more relevant. The physical world can deceive us and lure us away from our true nature. When you open your mind to the continuation of consciousness after you die, you change the lens through which you see the world.

The house, the cars, the jobs, and the vacations seem less important than finding your true self and live a harmonious life. Your loved ones often remind you to live your life in a manner consistent with how you want your family and friends to remember you. As the caring, loving human beings that we are meant to be. We are all exactly where we are supposed to be for our growth and enlightenment.

Are You Curious About Your Loved Ones?

I support individuals and groups to understand the Afterlife, communicate with loved ones and most importantly how to connect with their spirit. Once aligned with your innate wisdom and intuition you flow more in life. And life does not seem so hard. It is my passion to support others on their journey. I am Kathi Pickett, RN intuitive and healing energy practitioner dedicated to helping individuals and groups on their spiritual journey. You can contact me for a healing energy session or learn more about tools for communicating with a loved one.

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  2. My friends, there is an afterlife. When people die, there is a place for learning where spirits can gather while waiting for judgement day.

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