Welcome to Kathi’s Blog ‘Sharing Our Thoughts’… I believe that every time we encounter any person, place or thing in our life it is an opportunity for growth. No matter how much it scares us. Many of my family and friends suggested I start a blog to share my experiences so putting fear aside. I begin.

As a healing energy practitioner, intuitive and being mediumistic I have many exciting paths open to me. Not unlike any career decision I know the key is for me to focus and develop expertise where I am drawn to express my true nature. A daily meditation practice to center and ground myself along with heightened awareness of my thoughts and emotions while lecturing and doing healing energy sessions has led me on my path. Identifying what lights me up and stirs my soul has lit the way. Now I have a new stirring to push my skills in a direction, expanding my touchpoints to reach more people. Now I find myself asking what is next? With such an important question and a thirst for exploring possibilities I consulted many sources. When you ask the question of the universe it seems synchronicities happen to bring you the answer, inspiration and action plan to you. Here is what happened next.

Day 1 – I asked the Wisdom of the Oracle Card Deck by Colette Baron-Reid to guide me, my sister gave me the deck for my birthday. Day 3 – Unsolicited my me, a Clairvoyant I knew offered to do a reading in exchange for a healing energy session.  Both told me that if I take one step toward the universe, the universe will take ten steps toward me. It is time to do something. My inertia came from overthinking which created a traffic jam of thought forms in my head and hoping to come up with a next step if I just thought hard enough. Although hope is not really a plan, it is a requirement just not enough. Action is needed.

Day 6 – I asked my Spirit Guides what should I do first – write a blog, develop workshops, market for individual clients or groups, write articles or chapters toward a book? BLOG was the answer clearly. So now I was feeling the universe was behind me,I had clear direction and I needed to make the next move. I built a website, or should I say I am building a website. The website got me to organize my thoughts, offerings and mission. I had to think through my professional skills and focus in order to build the website. I was grateful for the skills learned while collaborating on a care management application with a talented programmer.  I called the application CARMA, my roots go way back although I had to be more subtle at times.

Day 9 – As a member of an Integrated Health and Healing team that provides medical care, lectures and integrated services when I have an opening I often attend a lecture which one of my colleagues is presenting. Attending lectures by experts has been a wonderful opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of holistic integrated health care. The topic ‘The Challenge of Change’ looked interesting. The facilitator walked us through a process to identify what we want to be different in our lives, barriers to change and how to overcome them. We worked in groups and exchanged our thoughts. I left feeling inspired. My change that we discussed was to start writing and create a space and method to get into the work. So, I reorganized my work room/office at home and got ready to start.

Day 11 – Once a month I host a Gathering at Kathi’s and we were discussing Past Lives, so Brian Weiss’s work came up and I happened to have his card deck. Most of the women pulled three cards and I only pulled one saying I only need one (per my intuition). My card was imprisonment, well let me tell you how that went. I received an overwhelming chorus from the group free yourself, write your story. I resisted saying ‘it is a lot of work and it might not matter to anyone, I want to use my time wisely and there so many books out there”. Jokingly I said “no where on the card did it say write a book”. I was inspired. Friends suggested that it may be for me in a way that would open me up even more. No need to think about a Literary Agent or Publisher just yet. 

Day 13 – I posted my first blog to family. Love, Love, Love, Love…

Summarizing my thoughts as follows: I was somehow held in limbo with so many alternatives. I got what I sent out – stagnation. Our wish alone cannot attract our future to us. The stirrings we feel in our bodies are energy signals from our soul or higher self. Only by transforming these signals and aligning our hearts intentions with our mind, can we manifest our desires. Translating these stirrings through our thoughts and emotions is a process that meditation can support as well as family and friends who know us well. The more I am in the state of allowing and creating an energy flow then the stronger the signal to the universe will be. Energy by its nature wants to flow freely. I needed to get out of my own way for the universe to respond. We cannot do anything alone. My family and friends enthusiasm heightened my clarity and fueled my courage. Our group energy energized me beyond what I was able to create alone. Doing something without expecting specific outcomes opened me up, releasing fear of being good enough for others. My next step was for me to expand. The result is I feel on fire and fully supported by family, friends and the universe. As the ancients would say place one foot on the path and the journey begins. I begin.

How many of us have a gap between where we are and where we think we could be? We struggle for guidance and signs. All I can say is just ask, talk things through with family and friends. In less than 2 weeks I was inspired with a burning fire in my soul fueling me forward into the unknown. Each step is appearing as I complete the one before it. I don’t know where this will lead, but I am excited and grateful. I have been saying that I surrender to the universe to show me where I need to be. This lesson for me is about translating the stirring into thoughts, words and action steps then creating a space for the energy to flow and allow the universe to show the way.

Blessings, ‚Äč


  1. We are not alone, we need each other. Be there for someone and they will be there for you.
  2. The universe responds to our energy to create our future reality. Clarify your desires and then get out of the way.
  3. Do something…create a space for miracles to happen…..
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