Reasons Energy Medicine For Grief Is So Effective

Reasons energy medicine for grief is so effective. Do you wonder if there is a right way to grieve? Why am I still crying? What will I do now? The weight of grief can be stifling and limit your ability to enjoy life. A heavy chest, indigestion, fatigue and mental confusion indicate your energy system is out of balance. Energy medicine is a game changer to relieve these symptoms. Here is how it works.

Grief is Important.

First of all, grief is important. It is the roadmap to healing significant changes in your life. The choice to face grief head on and explore your emotions and thoughts that come up is a step to healing. Energy medicine eases this process in a gentle loving way. The loss of a relationship, job or person does not have to keep us rooted in fear and sadness.

Grief Is A Heavy Feeling in Your Chest?

Whether the loss of someone or something, a sense of grief can manifest in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Grief is not a physical matter. It cannot be dissected by a surgeon or wished away. It is part of the normal ebb and flow of life. When you fully express grief, it brings emotions and energy to the surface. It is then that you can move it out. When you avoid the expression of grief it can lead to physical diseases, such as pneumonia, colds or bronchitis.

Reasons energy medicine is so effective for grief is simply that grief is a dense electromagnetic charge. It exists in the invisible world of energy. And it is moving, so it can be moved out.

Grief Can Be Overwhelming.

The immediate sensation of grief is often overwhelming. The dense charges of your emotions and thoughts can engulf you and get stuck in your energy field. You may feel heavy, or not like yourself and just lack energy. The more you repeat the same thoughts and emotions the denser the energy. This dense energy becomes embedded in the tissues of your body.

The deeper the grief, the more difficult it is to get out of bed, move on and find joy. Individuals cannot always move this energy out on their own. Energy medicine helps you to take a full breath and feel more like your old self.

A Softening of Grief.

An electromagnetic charge in your body can build and feel like a hurricane force wind that knocks you off your feet. Energy medicine can downgrade you from a hurricane to a tropical storm to a gentle breeze. Softening the intensity of the charges allows you to rebuild your life. It does not prevent waves of sadness. As you learn the ebb and flow of grief you become resilient and strong in the knowledge that it will pass. Like all storms, the sun will shine again. It is a matter of faith.

A Heavy Heart Laments and Returns to the World.

Some individuals hold on to the overwhelming waves of energy they felt directly after a death or loss. This wave is just a wave. And waves, as in the ocean, come and go.

A clearing of the energy field does not prevent the memories or sadness. We miss our loved ones. You honor yourself and whoever or whatever you lost by taking the time to remember and allow your emotions to surface. It is healthy to create a space to heal and lament. Both are needed. You will return to the world clearer and ready to carry on in your life.

What To Do When You Feel Empty?

The release of grief can leave a sense of emptiness and yearning in the heart. Some people tell me that feeling the pain of grief can seem better than the empty feeling of loss, doubt, and fear. 

It is up to you to fill the void. Start with joyful memories and find the little things in life that make you happy. Notice animals, flowers, nature and spend time with people you love and find activities that raise your spirits. Yes, I know how hard it is to get out of bed some days. My advice is to get up, get dressed, go out and see what happens.

Pleasant memories can bring a smile to your face, a real curved-up lip smile. So, keep them alive as best you can. Each day is a new day. A universal truth is that peace lies within you and is ever present. Try to find a quiet moment each day and take a breath just for you. 

Here Is How It Works.

The emotion of grief and the relentless thoughts about how your loss is affecting your life are low frequencies of light emitted into your energy field. Energy medicine transmits a high frequency which moves out the low frequency of fear, grief, and sadness. Love and joy are high frequencies and move grief out. 

As a sense of relief washes over the body as it fills with a high-frequency charge of love, compassion, and peace. Clients say, “I didn’t know I could feel happy.” Nothing in the physical world has changed. The facts are still the facts. Yet, the experience is profound. A shift in the frequency of the energy in your body can change your life and those around you.

From this place of peace and calm, your imagination can expand, too. Many people report back to me that their loved one came to them in a dream soon after the session. 

Energetic Cords.

Our life experiences create an energetic connection to others, both healthy and unhealthy. These connections are in the form of cords. Healthy cords help you to stay connected with your loved ones in the Afterlife. However, when grief carries with it a troubled relationship, financial loss, lack of support, and a lack of forgiveness, it can create a heavy cord. This cord can be released in an energy session.

The Energy Session.

The practitioner may play soft music, dim the lights, and encourage a slow, calm breath. Individuals slip into an awareness between wake and sleep, a dreamlike state. There is no need to recount the horrors of death or the mismatch in a relationship that brought you to your knees.

An energy practitioner tunes into the blocked energy in your energy body and moves it out. The experience is calming and peaceful. Many clients tell me they feel a knot is released from their throat or chest, and sometimes their stomach. A comment recently shared after a session, “A weight has been lifted off my chest. I can breathe a full breath.”

The Top Six Reasons Energy Medicine for Grief Is So Effective.

Energy medicine creates a safe space to express emotions, fears, and doubts and can, therefore, do the following:

  1. Quiets the mind, calms emotions and connects to your divine light.
  2. Release the heaviness of grief in the body, especially the chest.
  3. Allow for a glimpse of your loved ones’.
  4. Wash away emotions.
  5. Shift your perceptions to joyful memories,
  6. Create an affirmation for self-care, “All is Well.”

During a healing energy session, the mind is at rest, emotions calm, and you open to your higher sense perception. It is possible to receive messages from spirit. 

Loved Ones Can Connect with You.

The dense energy of grief makes it harder to communicate and receive messages from deceased loved ones. When you remove the barrier between the two worlds you open to the communication. You can hear them in your dreams, a soft quiet voice in your mind or through spirit animals, and birds. Many times the communication is more of a sense that they are near. And you feel loved and comforted.

A Surprising Message from Spirit.

A man in his mid-sixties recently retired at the urging of his wife. He has no plans and was nervous about his decision. The goal of the healing energy session was for overall health and vitality as he entered retirement. 

At the end of the session he sat straight up on the side of the table beaming from ear to ear. He said, “My father has been dead for forty years and he was talking to me as clearly as if he was standing in front of me.” He said, “I believe in heaven, but I have never connected with my father. This is a gift beyond my expectations.” With tears in his eyes he described, “I was fishing with my father and our conversation about my commencing retirement was amazing. I am confident that this is the right time for retirement. And I will enjoy myself.”

A Woman Who Did Not Believe in the Afterlife.

A young woman in her forties started crying during a guided heart opening meditation. It was the part where I ask folks to release any left-over emotions rocking around in their heart. Through sobs she said, “My father passed away and left me. He was my confident and go to person for everything. I am not married and an only child. I have no one.”

Well, I could see her deceased father standing behind her. So, I asked her about the Afterlife and where she thinks her father is now. She said, “Nowhere I guess, he is just gone.” I told her that her father was present and wanted to talk with her. She was skeptical, nothing I could say opened her to the possibility.

I was ready to give up when her father said to tell her, “I like your little dog.” The daughter said, “I do not have a dog.” I persisted, “Your father is quite sure you have a dog and he described the dog to me.” She became adamant, “Look I do not have a dog and I do not believe he is here.” “Really’, I said, “He says the dogs’ name is Frankie.”

Sobbing as she released deep emotions she sheepishly said, “I have a stuffed dog that sleeps with me every night named Frankie. I am forty years old. No one in the world knows about him.”

Finally, she was convinced her father was truly present. She opened to hear what he had to say. I relayed many messages from him giving her the confidence to move forward in her life. The belief that her father is still close and available to her was comforting.

A Gift.

Old buried emotions and unresolved doubts and fears can rise to the surface after a loss as with the woman above. Such as fear, loneliness, anxiety, sadness, and despair. These emotions add to the suffering. It reaches the core of who you are and what is important to you. Although it can be painful it may be a gift.

The death of a loved one can be an opportunity to journey into your soul. When you fill a void that is created by a loss you can open to new possibilities and growth. I have heard from many spouses who lost their partner and found wonderful treasures of strength, new friends and adventure. It requires courage and confidence to move forward with grace and ease.

Love yourself and accept that you are doing the best you can and that it is a process.  Trust that time heals all wounds. 

A Change in Consciousness.

A belief that it is time for the suffering to be over and that you have learned what you need from the person, place or thing that you lost is a change in consciousness. When you acknowledge that you are complete in your suffering and state, “I choose to move on,” magic happens.

Your readiness to move on allows your life force to flow through you again. When you build the strength to accept what is, you become brave and courageous as you move forward one day at a time.

Tell your friends, “I am fine and so are they. We are all moving on and embracing our lives on earth and in the Afterlife. All is well.”

A Really Good Reason to Release Grief.

The release of the grief and the ultimate lightness of the body leads to clarity of mind and ease of emotions. A new perspective can come to mind. Can you imagine that you have an energy bank account? Then why would you spend energy on that which you cannot change. Instead use your energy to heal and move on and enjoy life.

Life on earth is filled with things to do, people to see, activities to plan. Remember you are still evolving. The truth is you do not need to carry the weight of grief in your body. You have a choice.

When is enough, enough? How much can you hurt before you decide it is time to let grief go? Energy medicine can kick start the process. In almost all circumstances one session is enough. It is possible to be happy again. Although deeper emotions may require additional sessions you can feel whole, happy and joyful again. It is your birthright.

I’m Kathi Pickett, a registered nurse, and healing energy practitioner. I help people navigate grief and clear the charge of grief from the body. If you are willing to take the first step to work with me as your energy practitioner,  you can contact me for a healing energy session or to learn more about the Afterlife.


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