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Reading Archetypal Energy

A Master Class for Healers, Therapists, Coaches, and Seekers to Enhance Intuition

Are you a Healer, Therapist, Life Coach, or Seeker and aspire to learn to trust your intuitive hits when working with clients or speaking with family and friends? All of us are born with intuition, yet skills developed through conscious training enhance our ability to help and support others. Specific archetypes function in zodiac houses to support our life journey to reach our highest potential.

This course, designed for healers and seekers, builds confidence in unraveling the mystery of the soul contract and our invisible helpers (archetypes). We will create archetypal spreads together to deepen intuitive skills. Place these archetypes in the twelve houses of the zodiac to heighten conscious awareness of your soul contract. Beginners are welcome. 

The class will be held on the following Thursdays from 6-7:30 pm EST:

  • May 27
  • June 3, 10, 17, 24
  • July 1

It’s a small group, so it includes a lot of hands-on practice, even though we are on Zoom.

The Workshop

Suppose you participated in my previous class on Soul Contracts. In that case, it may be time to jump in and learn to read others’ wheels and better understand the layers of information discerned through intuition and an understanding of the archetypes in the opposing houses of the zodiac.

This work can excavate stuck energy, heal wounds, and inspire you to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams. You will learn how your soul contract influences your home, career, relationships, and ability to manifest dreams? The roadmap becomes clearer—with archetypal work and insights into how they show up in your life.

This class will expand your understanding of your dominant archetypes and how they are active in your life, soul contract, and destiny. Each participant will interpret their cards and share them with the group. The group participants will respond with additional ideas and clarifications through spontaneous interpretation and sharing. The class is limited, so if you are interested, register to reserve your spot.

Remember the mysteries in your life, where did you experience a miracle? When something came out of the blue, and you felt alive or devastated?

An archetype is a specific spectrum of energy that is widely recognized. For example, you might meet someone and say to yourself, “This woman would be a wonderful mother. OR She would not be a good mother.”  You are interpreting the energy in the field based on your learned experiences and inner knowing.

This class will help you identify your significant archetypes and learn to read the energy they bring into your life. Once known, you can use this ability to help your clients better understand their challenges and strengths. As a healer, therapist, coach, counselor, you will be so much more acutely aware of these subtle energies and how to help clients work with them.

All archetypes have light and shadow aspects; therefore, they are good because they teach us about ourselves. My work with archetypes and the twelve houses of the zodiac have led me on a journey of awakening. I can understand myself in the context of my physical and spiritual life.

The wisdom that I discern from the archetypes and the houses for my clients has enhanced my ability to read others clearly and quickly and provide guidance on their soul journey.

An understanding of who you are as a being of light is tremendous insight.

Each week I will describe the characteristics of two opposing houses of the zodiac.

In preparation for the class, each participant will identify their eight archetypes, a child archetype, and cast the archetypes in the zodiac wheel of twelve houses.

This class is for you if you want to further your knowledge of your soul contract, dominant archetypes, and the twelve houses of the zodiac.

Each week we will take on the opposing houses and discuss the interaction between these archetypes that landed in one of the twelve houses of the zodiac.

In this class, you will use your natal archetypes identified by you. See attached information to identify your archetypes.

And you were casting an archetypal wheel to understand the key influences in your life better today.

Understanding the archetypes of light and shadow aspects and each of the twelve houses of the zodiac reveals critical information to support you on your soul journey. This knowledge is empowering, freeing, and leads you toward your destiny.


A Card Deck by Caroline Myss > Identify your child and eight archetypes that have been with you since childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood. As you look at each card in the deck, tune into how you feel. Does this archetype resonate with you? Trust your gut instinct as you hold each card for a moment to discern its significance in your life.

Files the cards into three piles: Yes, No, or Maybe. Pause and consider why you said yes, no, or maybe. Continue the process of sifting through each of the three piles three times. You may change your mind and include one in the yes pile that you discarded earlier. It is a process to get to know these subtle aspects in your energy field. You can only have eight for our work together, so be discerning.

I will send you a template for the twelve houses of the zodiac that we will use in the first class. You can book a session with me before the class to discuss your twelve archetypes. It is essential that you feel comfortable with your choices to get the most out of our time together.

Reserve Your Space Today!

A Zoom recording will be available following each class in case you can’t make it!

Registration has closed for this event.

NOTE: If you prefer to pay by check, please email me to arrange for payment.

About Kathi Picket, RN, BSN, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner: I have been working as a healer for the past thirty-plus years in various capacities, from inner-city health centers to the mystical realms of distance energetic healing. My goal in this course is to encourage and inspire you to activate and light up your own healing skills within the context of your life and those you love.


May 27 2021 - Jul 01 2021


Eastern Standard Time
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm




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Kathi Pickett
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