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Awaken the Healer Within: A Master Class with Kathi Pickett

healer master class

This is a pre-recorded class. Following registration you will receive a password to access to all four sessions.

You Are a Healer!

Is it time to awaken the healer within you? Do you feel a stir in your heart to heal yourself, others, and our planet? In this course, you will discover techniques to develop and enhance your innate talents as a healer. You’ll discover how to identify and expand your special gifts and how to use them daily in useful and wonderful ways.

The Workshop

In this series, Awaken the Healer Within, I will be your guide and mentor. I provide you with a road map to discover your innate ability to heal yourself and others. You’ll learn how to brush off, dust and clean, and rotor rooter your psyche. You’ll learn to hold a sense of wholeness and return to balance. Once in the flow of oneness, you learn not just to survive, but to thrive.

The format of this workshop will be content presentation, exercises, and meditations to get into the flow of universal energy. There is also time for questions and answers.

Session 1: Introduction to Energy Healing with Kathi Pickett. The fundamentals of my style of healing, including healer preparation, access to spirit guides, and how to incorporate your guides in your practice.

Session 2: Assess the Energy Field and HARA. How to assess your field and others. Practical methods and exercises. Meditation to clear your field.

Session 3: Clear and reset the energy system. You will learn techniques to release low vibrational energy and blocks. And how to fold those vibrations back into the oneness, into the peace and love that is who we are.  As light beings, we are always protected and guided to return to wholeness and wellbeing.

Session 4: Intuition & Awareness. Discover how to blend the worlds you can see (your physical reality) and the invisible world (non-physical reality). In the flow of universal love, you access inner wisdom, spirit guides, and universal consciousness. You will explore communication with clients that is helpful,  respectful, and enhances your intuitive skills.

Ready to Get Started?

The total cost for this webinar is $120. Once payment has been received you will receive a password in order to access to all four pre-recorded sessions.

NOTE: If you prefer to pay by check, please email me to arrange for payment.

About Kathi Picket, RN, BSN, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner: I have been working as a healer for the past thirty-plus years in various capacities, from inner-city health centers to the mystical realms of distance energetic healing. My goal in this course is to encourage and inspire you to activate and light up your own healing skills within the context of your life and those you love.

healer master class


Dec 10 2022




Kathi Pickett


Kathi Pickett
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