Healing Beyond Borders

Healing Beyond Borders Conference 2016

Mary Lane, Tracey Oorshot, Kathi Pickett

My sister Mary Lane and our new best friend Tracey Oorshot from Australia were healed through each other’s care and the high vibration present throughout the conference. The Key Note speakers were inspiring beyond expectation, elevating our mood, spirit and dreams. Mary heard a speaker who spoke as though directly to her echoing her own deeply held beliefs. Tracey was incredibly energized, barely slept fortunate not to have any jet lag from her travels from Australia. She wrote her Doctoral hypothesis and health care reform model of excellence. I am fired up to write, speak and conduct workshops spreading the Understanding of the Afterlife and the continuation of consciousness and how to live this life to its fullest by breaking down barriers and healing.

I would recommend this conference to others even if not a Healing Touch practitioner. Barbara Marx Hubbard (barbaramarxhubbard.com) an author and futurist gained momentum for her campaign to heal the planet by raising our consciousness as women. Cyndi Dale (http://cyndidale.com/) is an internationally renowned author, speaker, intuitive healer, and visionary demonstrated healing techniques aligning our spiritual energy with the Greater Spirit and an individual’s spiritual energy for healing within minutes. The person whom she demonstrated the technique healed from a birth trauma. Belleruth Naparstek (http://www.healthjourneys.com/) is a visionary Psychologist who writes guided imagery for more topics than you can imagine. She guided us on a journey that invited my guide to bring me a present. I received a large key that just fit in my hand a rose quartz crystal heart that also just fit in my hand. He has more would be revealed. Joel Anderson raising his hands as he showed us a photo of a plant cell that looked like it was smiling, not photo-shopped this is mother nature.

Mary, Tracey and I visited the Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls and the Ute Prayer Trees at Fox Run. I felt as though I received a blessing during the walk among the Ute Prayer trees. The guide John Anderson knows the Ute story so well and narrated our walk, after three hours at 7,600 feet up and down hills there was not one of us who wanted to stop, we pleaded with him to keep going but the bus had another tour after us. This is a must stop for anyone who wants to learn and feel the energy of the Native Americans and their rich spirituality. This is a modified shape of aa ponderosa pine for a burial sight.

The first tree pointed to a burial location and the second a medicine tree that was burned in ceremony and twisted many times as it grew indicating the power found in the tree energy.


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