What Is A Healing Energy Session?

healing energy session

On October 20, 2019, the New York Times had a full-page article on alternative healing modalities. The article The Cutting Edge described energy healing as one of the best treatments to prevent disease and live a vibrant life. 

The truth is that energy healing is ancient medicine. Western medicine has ignored its benefits due to the lack of triple blind random control trials, which is the gold standard in medicine. Although western medicine research is essential, most studies report the placebo is as active on average forty percent of the time. Today more and more people experience the healing benefits from energy sessions. And when a healing energy session changes your life, then you want to tell people about it.

The Essence of a Healing Energy Session.

In an energy healing session, my role is to offer guidance through my clairvoyance and to balance and clear the energy system. Then each individual can employ their innate ability to heal. I always say, “Healing is an inside job.” My ability to interpret the energy field reveals hidden aspects of a soul’s journey. In energy medicine, the body speaks to us. Also, an understanding of mystical and energy laws unraveled during a session provides tools for self-care. Clients learn to collaborate with the universe for more flow in their life.

At the beginning of each session, a conversation gets the energy moving. Then we can begin a more profound journey into the dormant aspects of you wanting to shine in the world. Often during the energy work, a realization of an inner truth comes to consciousness. The key is to be open, curious, and kind to yourself. Sometimes a painful memory from the past can bring awareness to a lesson that is pertinent in the present circumstance. Energy healing can strip away blocks to reveal the divine light in you that always wants to shine. Heavy sighs, twitches, and warmth are common signs that discordant energy releases during a healing energy session.

Who Am I as a Healer?

Since a young child, I have seen the divine light in others. And I sensed the energy fields of plants, animals, and people. I see my clients as unique beings of light—each one on their physical, emotional, and spiritual journey. The divine light within the heart is the most precious part of you. It is where universal love and light already exist. I clear out the debris and discordant charges so that individuals can see themselves. The thinking mind needs to be on board with this new awareness from the heart. Through dialogue, individuals and groups explore a realization that comes to the surface in a healing energy session.

My sessions offer a safe space to ignite personal growth. And how to bring this knowledge into the physical world. It is an honor to be present for others to heal. And to teach individuals and groups how to connect to their unique light through breath and guided meditation.

Daily Practice.

My daily prayer is, “May I be fully present for everyone I meet today. Holy Spirit hover over me and keep me in the light.” In addition to my prayers is a morning meditation that strengthens and resets my energy system. So that I can hold a high vibration for others, this higher vibration is transmitted into the field around and within the physical body of the client, which releases lower vibrations into the quantum field. All is well, mother earth and the quantum field fold this energy back into the oneness.

Why Do I Do Healing Energy Sessions?

It is an honor to hold a sacred, safe space for individuals to share their most intimate truths. I adapt my style to each individual and circumstance. During a dialogue, individuals often see themselves more clearly. A busy, productive life with too many responsibilities can distract you from your potential to live a meaningful life. The wisdom is within you; through dialogue, we unearth together the story of your life that teaches you about you so that you can selflessly care for yourself to selflessly care for others.

You Are A Unique Flicker of Light.

The fundamental assumption of energy healing is that you are a unique being of light incarnated in a human body to experience earth. I believe that the earth’s experience offers an opportunity to evolve consciousness and raise the frequency of the planet. Some energy laws are that subatomic particles move within and around the physical body. Our energy field is larger than the physical body. Energy medicine laws are always in effect for everyone. No exception, the sun shines for all of us whether we deserve it or not. 

Subatomic Particles from the Environment.

Psychic free radicals from the environment, people, places, and things emit electromagnetic charges into the quantum field. The energy law of interconnectedness is in effect. Therefore, we receive these different vibrations. If the frequencies are low, they can lower your vibration and diminish your life force. Lifeforce is the frequency running through your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy bodies for optimal health and well-being.

Have you ever said, “I don’t feel like myself.” You may have picked up charges from your environment that are not yours. A healing energy session can help to release these charges that are not yours.

Subatomic Particles from Your Internal Environment.

Thoughts, words, and actions have electromagnetic charges as well. What you think and say impregnates your energy body. Unresolved emotions, unrequited love, heart-felt expectations, illusions of perfectionism, misguided inner critic, and lack of acceptance diminish your life force, which limits an ability to be fully present. You cannot see the beauty in your life when you are focused on what is not going well. It requires a change in thoughts, words, and actions. And then I give them tools to practice every day so that they embrace both challenges and joys.

What Is an Energy Healing Session?

An individual is in a comfortable reclined position with eyes closed. The breath is slow and calm, and as I guide them into quiet-peaceful states to receive and release. A mutual intention for the highest possibility and best good, to release what no longer serves them and to invite in the light, love, and energy of the universe and earth. The energy work I do is to clear any low vibrations in and around the body. So that you feel more like you, energized, lighter. And you may even feel taller.

Essential oils and crystals add electromagnetic charges that help to balance the energy field. I often recommend specific ones for self-care.

What Are the Benefits?

Signs of a compromised energy field are a cloudy mind, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, stress, anxiety, tension, digestive issues, and many more. The benefit is the release of those conditions which provide mental clarity, calm, peace, and restful night sleep. As the energy body speaks to me, I relay my impressions. And through dialogue and self-reflection, an individual strengthens inner wisdom. Difficult choices become more comfortable with this insight. The benefits of a healing energy session are to ignite personal empowerment to make conscious choices aligned with the highest and best good for the individual.

I have a rich and diverse background to support individuals and groups to heal, transform, and manifest. The mind, body, emotions, and spirit energy bodies can hold disease from the past or fear of an unknown future. Part of the session, I teach how to be present at the moment. In the moment that you are aware of being aware, you can reprogram old unhealthy neural pathways into positive, healthy thought patterns.

A Healing Energy Session for Spiritual Development.

Relationships, career choices, tragedy, and trauma can disrupt the energy flow through the body, mind, and spirit. I teach the importance of understanding the frequency of our thoughts, emotions, and words and how they affect your energy body and ability to focus, feel, and communicate. Spiritual development is at the root of my work. I believe that when you connect deeply to the essence of who you are and your intuitive gifts, you can find happiness and peace.

It is the darkest night that you can most easily see the stars in the sky. Through self-discovery and acceptance, you can navigate life challenges and embrace your strengths. As a midwife of the soul, I birth the true essence of you into the physical world so that you can manifest, heal, and transform.

Post Session Homework.

The work I do can be profound. I get to the root of the issue and provide tools, meditations, and affirmations to stay on track between sessions. My acute ability to read the energy field unlocks and unravels mysteries within an individual that lay dormant. Once brought to conscious awareness, the healing begins. Self-care tools support growth on the journey of life.

No matter the reason for seeking a session with me, whether it is for grief, anxiety, stress, a sense of being overwhelmed or stuck, individuals state that they feel lighter and often taller. The most common phrase I have heard since I began in the nineties is, “I feel more like myself.” I offer guidance and self-care techniques to keep individuals on track after each session. I am honored to work with individuals on their life journey. I hope to offer a safe space and foster self-growth to have faith and trust in yourself. And to have the courage to accept who you are.

For an energy assessment and to balance your energy system contact me at www.kathipickett.com   

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