Meditation to Transform Your Life

meditation to transform your life

Many of you are thinking, “I cannot stop my monkey mind. Mental clarity, calmness, less stress, and better physical health are the benefits of meditation. It all sounds good. I cannot do it.” The fact that you are reading this leads me to believe you are curious if I have a magic solution. And I just might change your mind about meditation to transform your life.

Have you had the experience of a peaceful afternoon at the beach or a walk in the woods? Do you recall being calm in your mind and emotions? The fresh air with a gentle breeze in the warm sunlight magically lured you into a state of calm. You see, you can do it. There are many meditation practices, and the trick is to find the right one for you.

My meditation practice transformed my life and kept me in balance. For me, meditation provides a peaceful, comfortable time to clear my mind, settle my emotions, and connect to my inner wisdom. It is a sacred space that allows me to hear my intuitive voice. The meditations that I teach and guide individuals through can be profound. Let me tell you more about it. It may work for you.

Firstly, let me define meditation. 

Merriam-Webster defines meditation as follows. The experience of meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as the breath, mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

My Early Experience with Meditation.

In my early twenties, I moved off to college, met new friends, embarked on an academic routine, and worked odd jobs. I was overwhelmed. I was curious about the practice of experiencing peace. During college, I studied transcendental meditation. All was well in my world when I meditated. I escaped into a pleasant dreamlike state. After reflection, the world was the same. There were exams, social life, and adult responsibilities. However, I could not seem to bring the state of peace into my day to day life. Then, I let the practice slip as I raised a family and built my career.

Meditation was no longer a choice when constant migraines and vertigo debilitated me in my forties. My only relief came from stillness. In a meditative state, there was no pain and no dizziness, peace. Meditation gave me hope. I retreated to a world of silence to heal. Deep meditative states opened my third eye.

Deceased souls and eventually spirit guides arrived with an array of mystical experiences which included astral travel. In early childhood, I would travel beyond my imagination in my daydreams. So, it was familiar to me. Before long, I felt a deep connection to my essence and universal love.

A Meditation Experience to Transform My Life.

Not everyone will have mystical experiences, but it is possible with advanced practice and intention. Many people fear these experiences. If you can sense spirits in the invisible world, it is in your nature. It is a matter of learning about the process with an experienced teacher. The truth is when escaping the physical world, you open to universal consciousness and possibilities. You are no longer your thinking mind. You become an essence of light, an eternal being.

Meditation can quiet the mind, emotions, and physical body. And create a sacred space to connect with your higher self. Once aligned with your higher self, nothing separates you from Source energy (higher power). A meditative state is a place to manifest, heal, and transform. At times, dormant emotions and thoughts can float to the surface of your consciousness. And can awaken you to your essence. It is nothing to fear, and it is the essence of your inner world. Fear leads to resistance. Why not excavate buried thoughts and unresolved emotions? The fact that they are rising to the surface means they are moving out.

Crave Meditation to Transform Your Life.

I crave a meditative state, and I relish the sensation of floating above my body, with a clear mind and calm emotions. It feels delicious, comfortable, peaceful, and healing. It is an anathema to me why anyone would not want to experience this sense of wholeness? My physical body dissolves into the oneness of the universe. We are all interconnected.

In a meditative state, the essence of me fills the room beyond the walls and ceilings. I lose my perception of time and space. In a meditative state, there is no sense of time or space, merely the present moment. A precious moment of inner stillness magically arrives.

There are times I am aware of my own beating heart. Through my breath, I find stillness. And the flicker of my internal light. Some days the weather, activities, and events can affect my ability to sink into silence. Every day I sit in stillness and allow the experience to be the experience without resistance. Every day is different, and I am different. I accept my experience.

Tips for A Meditation Practice to Transform Your Life.

The truth is some days are effortless, while others seem impossible. The following are some tips to support meditative practice.

  • There is no right way. How every you find a method that stills your mind, body ad spirit is what matters. Let yourself off the hook, no criticism.
  • Physical activity tires the body and supports stillness.
  • Early morning before busyness distracts you and ruffles your feathers, and your energy can be more natural.
  • A bubbling fountain or soft classical music can lull you into a state of calm.
  • Listen to the sounds from nature.
  • Dim the lights.
  • A sacred space with candles, incense, essential oils, and objects you hold dear to you help create the rhythm for meditation.
  • Accept the hum of the refrigerator, traffic, or people in a nearby room.

More Tips:

  • Imagine a safe, peaceful place in your mind, breathe in the essence of this place and use your five senses to melt into the peacefulness of these places. Notice the colors, sounds, scents, air, and ground. When you use your imagination to create the space in your head, you are distracting your thinking mind. You are always free in your thoughts.
  • Find a space without distractions, like a lanai with birds and butterflies flying above a screened ceiling, perhaps with a waterfall gently bubbling in the background and a firm cushion to support your body and legs. You never know—you may get a surprise in your meditative state and levitate, unaware that the roof is not solid, and float past the ceiling.
  • The thinking mind forgets peace exists. However, the sun is always present even when the skies are cloudy. Meditation clears the clouds of fear and illusions. As you meditate, use your mind to imagine the charge in your energy body from fear evaporates in stillness.
  • Be patient with the process.

Imagination Can Be A Meditation Practice to Transform Your Life.

The way I focus my mind is with my breath. I say to myself, “This breath is for me.” Any distracting thoughts transform into white clouds as they float off into the sky. Often, I will say to myself as I let the thoughts go, “I wonder what the next thought will be.” Curiosity leads me on.

Emotions become a gentle breeze flowing past me. A breeze can be warm and tender or cold and moist. It is just a sensation that I allow to pass through me. I do not try to hold the breeze or emotions. Detachment from thoughts and feelings is essential. I say to myself this is a sacred moment in time for me. It only exists this once, and then it is gone. What do I want to do with this precious moment? How do I want to focus my precious energy? I choose peace.

All frequencies exist in the quantum field. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. You have the power to choose the energy to nourish you at every moment. I choose peace, as I say to myself, “I breathe in peace.” With my full conscious awareness, I send the vibration of peace throughout my body. Every cell, molecule, and atom receives the memo. Peace is the vibration I choose. I become peaceful.

A meditation practice to transform your life is priceless.

To hear your soft inner voice is priceless. It is the foundation to align with your higher self. The self that takes a back seat while your human mind drives you through a busy life.

All the doing and busyness to survive, and the fast-paced society we live in can distract you from the core reason why you are having this earth experience. The innate wisdom within you lays dormant until you consciously take the time to focus and listen. The information about you from every experience on earth and past lives is in your energy field. The link is the stillness of the thinking mind, body, and emotions to connect with your intuition. Intuition is the inner part of you that knows all about you.

The purpose of meditation is to quiet your mind, calm your emotions, still your body, and allow your subconscious mind to rise from the depth of your being. It is the place of awakening to your authentic self. Guidance is always beneath the surface of a busy life.

The Power of Meditation in A Group

A beginner meditator can benefit from meditation in a group setting and guided imagery. There is an entrainment effect that helps to harmonize your frequency in a group making it easier to achieve a peaceful state.

Once you have the experience, you can recreate it. The more you meditate, the easier it gets. As with all things, it takes practice. With each breath invite in the frequencies of love, peace, and calm. And consciously breathe them in from the quantum field. You can bask in the frequency of love, peace, and calm in a meditative state to soak those frequencies into the cells of your body.

This sense of unconditional, ever-present love can relieve anxiety, fear, and worry. A sense of peace can soak into your body just as the sun warms you. It is always available to you from the field of energy.

Sometimes your deep inner thoughts start to permeate your consciousness, connecting you to your higher self. Your higher self is your soul’s deep, innate wisdom that knows who you are, what you are, what you need, and the gifts you share with the world. In essence, your higher self is you talking to you about you. You may need to allow time to integrate the information you receive. Do not force your mind to process all your thoughts immediately.

Free yourself in your thoughts. Allow your free mind to imagine expanding your higher self as though there are no boundaries. It is from that awareness that you can grow beyond what your limited mind thinks. Feel the mind settle as you relax and breathe. Gently offer a smile to the universe. As you shift your frequency, you attract peace from the universal field, feel the warmth, comfort, love, and wholeness it offers.

Establish a Reason to Meditate.

Do you want guidance, peace, healing, or clarity? An intention before meditating can help to keep you on track. Meditation practice is just that, and it is a practice. A tennis player will practice thousands of serves to get it right. Every serve is not within the box or fast enough for competition. The goal is worth the practice. Set a clear intention each time. And as with learning any new skill, be patient and kind to yourself. Celebrate the days it is easy, and embrace the days it is difficult. All experiences are part of your growth.

Commit to a Daily Practice. 

Commitment, patience, and perseverance are essential for success. A marathon runner does not run twenty-six miles the first day. Trust that the clarity and peace that you seek is within you. Do you believe it? If you do, then your faith will keep you on track. A meditation practice to transform your life is waiting in the wings. Open your mind to receive the gift of knowing more about you. It is your birthright to access the wisdom within you to heal, transform, and manifest.

Contact me for a healing energy session to clear your energy and kick start your meditation practice. 

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