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Spirit Guides Are Closer Than You Think

Young children see spirits, fairies, and angels more easily than adults because their consciousness does not block out such sightings. The response of the adult is key to the child’s understanding. If we are calm and trusting they will be as well.  Ceil Lewonchuk a Psychic Medium and my first teacher told me “Kathi you are good, right? So only good spirits will come to you.” I must admit I was skeptical. I was concerned if I opened myself up to the spirit world that I might be opening a Pandora’s box. Too many movies like the Walking Dead, the Exorcist and the Omen in the 70s prompted me to be cautious.

Opening up to an infinite number of dead people did scare me a little. How could I explore this phenomenon that interested me and be safe? I learned to trust my senses, relax and breathe. I get an impression in my mind in the presence of a spirit. The impression can be a thought, image, smell, sound or sensation that informs me. Not scary at all really. It is not an audible communication. A spirit can manifest or present an image of its form to help me identify who it is which was scary at first. Trusting this type of communication takes time. It is easy for our minds to question what we receive. By developing my intuition I am able to connect with the spirit world, guides and my higher self. As with all skills it takes patience as you learn. The spirit guides, angels or light beings that are here to help us actually resonate with our own true nature energetically. Energetically similar vibrations feel comfortable. We need to trust that we are safe to avoid fear which blocks communication.

Through my education and experience in the energetic world and energy healing I understand like vibration attracts like vibration. States of awareness have different frequencies or vibrations that are measured by neuroscientists. Gratitude, love, compassion, awe of nature and appreciation exhibit a higher frequency than fear, despair, worry or sadness. When possible be in a state of gratitude and you will attract that frequency into your life. I learned that Ceil was correct and my left-brain was satisfied. So I encourage you to have no fear when a deceased loved one or anonymous spirit comes into your life. On earth you have the power to ask them to leave and chances are they are here for good, so relax enjoy and smile.

What and/or Who Are Your Guides?

Spirits, angels, ghosts oh my!!! Who are these mysterious beings that appear from the invisible world to help and guide us? Many religions believe in angels/spirits like Catholics, Christians, Jews, Muslims, many Eastern religions and Shamanic practices from indigenous cultures. The concept is not new.  Opening our awareness to the possibilities that Angels/Spirit Guides do exist and are here to help us can enrich our experiences, ease confusion and help us make sense of our lives. We are never alone we are all one in the universe, interconnected beyond the physical world that we can see. I will use the term Spirit Guide to include angels, deceased loved ones, ghosts, inner guidance and light beings because the intangible communication is similar.

Spirit Guides are beings of light that may or may not have lived on earth. They come willingly to support us. Their messages may come through the appearance of birds or animals that cross your path, billboard signs or a not so random song on the radio. When you believe and are open to the symbols and messages they come your way. They can offer subtle confirmation that you are heading in the right or wrong direction. Keep your ears open for a comment that someone might say. It may be just what you need to hear.

Some Guides are with us for our entire lives but the truth is some come and go arriving at specific times where they presence will help us the most. They actually know what we are going to ask before we do, so they are always prepared with the answers. Our guides always speak the truth and will do their best to provide us with the wisdom we need to make a decision.

Spirit Guides do not necessarily have names, they are vibrational beings, but to help you connect with them they may take on a name or gender, or manifest as someone you knew, appear as animals or non-human forms such as angels, pixies or fairies. Using a name intensifies the connection you have with them and makes it easier to connect. They will appear to you as calm beings and will not intentionally scare you. They are gentle and as I said, here to help. Just ask and they will do their best to communicate with you in a way that you can comprehend. They are not here to tell us what to do but empower us.

Receiving Messages

There are many factors that affect how you receive messages from your Spirit Guides, for example how easily you listen to others, how do you receive direction or criticism? Do you accept guidance in general or do you think you know best? Clearing your mind, creating a space for guidance is simple right, but not easy. Often times our minds take over the command center in our heads overriding our hearts.

The mind will look for stored information and gather it from random sources scattered throughout the files in your head. There are so many possible permutations. The mind never stops trying to figure things out: churning, burning and getting no where, often trapping or congesting the flow of energy leading to anxiety and despair. Your mind, lacking mental clarity becomes clouded by your processing random, unimportant information. The mind doesn’t like not knowing the answer so it makes things up creating fear and unlikely scenarios. The ego then gets involved with what is right, fair or just further causing distress and suffering. Connecting to your guides can be a path to end this cycle of suffering.

Creating a Space to Communicate

Not being receptive to guidance is perhaps the greatest obstacle you’ll have to overcome if you want to communicate with your guides? It is hard to receive information if your mind is made up. When stressed you may not hear your Guides, so they may go through someone you know. You may receive an impulse to call someone on the phone, see repeating patterns of numbers, words or messages that seem to randomly appear over and over until you get it. They will keep trying, your job is to be open to receive and allow a window for the guidance to fly in.

Try to create a space for them to communicate with you. Here are some tips:

  • Nature can be one of the most enjoyable and easy to experience. Just walking outside in the fresh air, mindful of your breathing at that moment in time. Allowing any distracting thoughts to be released with each exhale.
  • Avoiding substances or experiences that distract you from who you are and your natural state of being such as alcohol, caffeine, sugary foods, loud chaotic environments and people who zap your energy. These can be disruptive when trying to connect.
  • Consider meditation, walking, yoga, exercise, qi gong, tai chi…
  • Build ease and flow into your life. Find whatever stirs something inside of you in a joyful way – music, art, nature, children playing – seeing the world through the lens of what brings you joy or lightens your heart is the start to creating a space to connect with your Spirit Guides. Joy can create a portal for communication.

The more you quiet your mind, connect to your heart and breathe gently and calmly you create a space to invite your Guides. Creating space to support this precious communication with intention does take practice. I promise you over time it becomes effortless. The process is important because it honors your connection in a beautiful graceful way and removes blocks.

Anytime you sense emotion, conditions associated with the advice or an uneasy feeling then the guidance you receive may be coming from a lower vibrational source (ego), then shrug it off and ignore it. Your emotional response to guidance is like a navigation system alerting you to bad advice, follow it. Restate your question and wait for your Spirit Guide to respond.

Guides are not here to flatter you or agree with you. Never say should I? Because it is like asking an outside force (ego) to take over; do not surrender authority. Be open to messages but do not edit them to fit your agenda (ego). The ego, for most people, has been running the show. To surrender the ego to the higher self takes practice. Be patient with yourself as you develop your relationship with your Spirit Guide and Higher Self.

Tips for Working with Your Guides

The whole point of guidance is to open yourself to new ideas, new solutions and ways of working things out that you did not see before.

  • Start each day open to guidance and a receptive heart. The more you except guidance, the more you attract it.
  • Trust the guidance you receive – repeat the guidance out loud or write it down especially if you receive recurrent messages or experience a series of coincidences that seem related.
  • Act on the guidance you receive and start by acting in small ways until you get comfortable, your positive results will lead you.
  • Find others who you can share your experiences, validating with others can lead to better and more frequent communication, as you build trust.

Always thank them for their presence and guidance. Thank Your Guides!!!!!


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