The Back Story: On Becoming You!

The Back Story On Becoming You

Why I Wrote On Becoming You

The back story that led me to write the book On Becoming You came from my passion that was fueled by the thousands of individuals I have touched through my work as a nurse and intuitive energy healer over four decades. During interactions with individuals’ words would come through me simply because a question was asked. The messages were consistently what the person needed to hear in the moment.

Early in my career I wondered where this knowledge originated. Was there some sort of secret knowledge obtained from past lives or was it in the universal consciousness for all to access? On Becoming You was written as a compilation of personal experiences, client stories and guidance from the invisible world of spirit to lead individuals on their personal journey to heal, transform and manifest.

The Birth of the Book

The catalyst to begin the book occurred one Sunday afternoon during Kathi’s Gathering, a monthly gathering of women who meet to share their journey of personal transformation and healing. On this day we explored the importance of past lives. Often, we use oracle cards to stimulate our conversations.  Brian Weiss’s card deck on past-life regressions was offered as a jumping off point for personal discovery. Each of us set the intention to receive a message about a past life that is relevant today. Everyone in the group choose three cards. My intuition told me to choose just one.

My card was the image of a man/woman in jail behind bars. It seemed quite grim. As I gazed at the image tears came to my eyes. What was happening? Was I in a prison of my own making? Were there self-limiting beliefs I needed to address? An overwhelming sense that I was a scribe in a past life. I need to share my story and the lessons I have learned from spirit. The group chimed in with their version of the card, “You have to write your story – to be free.”

A book with my name on it had randomly appeared in visions since childhood. So, the concept of writing a book was familiar to me. As I closed my eyes and sat silently among my friends, I began to weep. A apparition of the book appeared, and I could feel in my energy body how it would influence people around the world.

To Write or Not to Write

The magical explosion of energy from within me poured out and before I knew it. I had written over a hundred thousand words of incomplete and run on sentences. My words needed a container, to be organized. I decided to try and reach those ready for personal transformation through easy to relate to stories. Self-doubt crept in. I wondered, who will read the book? Will all the time spent be worth it to someone?

There are so many great writers and speakers – why me? Then the answer came — why not me? Twice a week people come to my lectures at Canyon Ranch from across the country. Some embrace the concepts, some challenge them, but the discussions are always fun, informative and many times healing. The reactions and questions to the material convinced me that the world needs more voices and guidance to find peace, happiness and well-being. Perhaps, I thought, I can be that voice.

The embryo of the book was conceived, the gestation would take another two and a half years. During that time, I took writing classes, meditated and isolated myself from my teachers so that I could hear my own voice. The freedom I felt in telling my story became a synthesized model from deep within me. The book took shape and became form.

The Scope of the Book

People come to my lectures and workshops and they would ask me to recommend a book to learn more about the concepts of divine light and energy. I could not recommend one book that included all the concepts of spirit, intuition, afterlife, energy medicine, grounding and tools for self-care. The breadth of On Becoming You spans the awakening of the divine light within and how to collaborate with the universal energy and mystical laws. My clients requested guidance to transform their lives and tools to keep them on track. This book does both.

I am compelled to write about my experiences and those of my clients so that individuals can learn how to tap into their own personal wisdom. The stories and lessons are simply meant to ignite the curiosity of the soul. And in the process learn to trust their own experiences and inner wisdom ultimately to find fulfilling lives. The goal is not to create a perfect life without sorrow or misfortune, but to develop a set point to better handle the ebbs and flows of life. And to learn processes to get back on track after trauma, tragedy, disappointment and illness.

The simple exercises I developed to enhance an individuals’ sense of well-being and raise their frequency changes lives in subtle ways. Such as they flow more easily with daily life challenges and are able to readily embrace the beauty in their life. Theses subtle shifts lead to improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Every person who heals through raising their frequency brings a higher frequency to everyone in their life, therefore the frequency of the earth rises too. The world needs more love and it is readily available.

Potential to Heal

My personal story of a debilitating illness that was a mystery to the medical profession led me on a journey to heal myself. Since then innumerable people have come to me for healing after they were unsuccessful in the traditional models of talk therapy, treatments and medications. My assessments of clients’ energy field found the root of illness to be in a spiritual wound. Sometimes it was from childhood, a past life, trauma, grief and relationships.

Western medicine is ineffective to heal a spiritual crisis. I wonder, if everyone embraced a daily practice to balance their energy system and align with their higher self, not the egoic self, that we would have less of the ‘worried well’ clogging up our healthcare system.

The writing process helped me to reflect on my life and heal as well. One of the greatest lessons from my clients and students is that no matter how severe the suffering there is always help from the invisible world. The non-physical world of spirit, love and universal consciousness is always available. No one is ever alone or powerless. I have seen so many people heal tragic situations and believe everyone can find peace amidst chaos.

The Journey of the Book

My life, as with all human lives, will experience unpredictable circumstances that throw us off our path. I wrote this book for all those seeking guidance on their personal journey of transformation and healing. Also, for my grandchildren and the next generation that seem to lap up the information with wide eyes and enthusiasm. Technology diminishes human connectedness and we need a balance of humanness in the world for our survival as a civilization. Anxiety seems to be an epidemic. Story after story of healing propels me forward to speak, teach and heal. I have witnessed miracles and you can too.

I support individuals and groups to understand spirituality and most importantly how to connect with their spirit. Once aligned with your innate wisdom and intuition your choices can fall easily in place. Life does not seem so hard. It is my passion to support individuals on their journey. I am Kathi Pickett, RN intuitive and healing energy practitioner dedicated to supporting individuals and groups on their spiritual journey. You can contact me for a healing energy session or learn more about tools for spiritual development.

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