This Is What Spirituality Is All about & Why It’s Important.

what spirituality is all about


Do you associate spirituality with religions, myths, monasteries, ashrams, or a new age gimmick? You may know self-professed spiritual seekers who push their agenda on you as though they are part of a cult recruiting members. Mantras fall out of their mouths with such authority, “Think positive thoughts and express gratitude. All is well.”

And yes, they are wonderful practices, but spirituality is much more profound. You may wonder, is there more to life than daily routines, a struggle to survive and pay your bills? The answer to these questions lays deep inside of you. You are born knowing. Ans Spirituality opens the door.

A Glimpse of Your Spirit.

One day you wake up and decide it is time to create a business, take a course, plan a vacation or call a friend. Your conscious thinking mind was sleeping when something deep inside of you bubbled up with excitement. You feel alive, but what is the feeling that washed over you? An inspiration just came to you. You were inspired. And to be inspired means to be in-spirit. Your spirit was calling you.

Or maybe you have a conversation with a friend who is struggling. Unbeknownst to you, you know what to say. A heartfelt exchange of a loving friendship fills you with grace. You just had a glimpse of your spirit.

A call to step out of your routine or comfort zone comes from your spirit. And not your reasoning mind. Every life has moments when your spirit speaks to you. And somewhere deep inside you know it could change your life forever. Spirituality can prepare you for these moments so that you do not miss out.

An Awakening to Your Spirit.

A spiritual awakening often comes without notice. An event shakes your world as you know it.  The sudden death of a loved one, a career or relationship transition, illness, and trauma can jolt you awake. These can be challenging, unfamiliar and unsettling times. And it changes the fabric of your being.

A time when you question everything in your life that you once took for granted. Everything in your world just turned upside down. Your spirit is calling and ever present in these difficult times. And this is where many of you may begin a spiritual exploration in earnest.

There are Seven Spiritual Laws of Success described by Deepak Chopra that you may find helpful as a foundation to your learning.

Spiritual Transformation.

Although a stressful experience may initiate the transformation, an awakening can set a spiritual transformation into action. It can also rip apart your life in ways you could never have predicted propelling you forward in a new direction of conscious growth. Your life can change in gratifying ways.

You wake up from the dream of everyday commitment, responsibility, and tasks in the physical world to an awareness of a higher reality. Once you embrace the higher dimension of spirit, you can see the illusions in your life. It is from here forward that you make conscious choices for your spirit’s highest possibilities and best good. 

Sometimes it just recognizes the illusions that allow you the clarity to focus on what is needed for your soul growth and evolution.

There Are Many Paths to Your Spirituality.

A spiritual practice opens you to who you are, what you are, your gifts you share with the world and what you need. Only you can do the work. It is an inside job. It takes regular practice, commitment, and dedication to hearing your soft, quiet voice of intuition. Intuition is your deep inner knowing and your guide. 

Teachers, gurus, books, conferences, and podcasts can help you define your new world view. A spiritual quest begins that is marked by a period of information gathering, self-study, and delving into world religions or psychology. Not every practice resonates with everyone. Find exercises that ignite you and practices that resonate with your unique qualities.

Spirituality Is About Finding Your Path.

A spiritual awakening lifts the veil formed by tribal consciousness, perception of experiences, limiting beliefs from childhood and overthinking mind. The roles you play with family, colleagues, friends, and community can shroud your true nature. When not aligned with your inner knowing you can feel physically, mentally and emotionally stuck. Your body may even feel heavy and dense.

A busy, productive life can distract you from the profound inner truth of who you are. You are not the persona or your material possessions that you display to the world. Once you shed the outdated infrastructure that you once clung to, you are free.

Remember spirituality is about discovering your essence not adopting someone else’s. Embrace the teachings that resonant and amplify what you sense to be true. Each path provides a distinctive vehicle for self-discovery and realization. Only your own intuitive heart can guide you.

Quiet Reflection to Connect To Your Spirit.

As you meditate, pray, sit in stillness or walk in the woods to quiet your mind you will hear your voice from within your spirit. Limiting beliefs, old wounds, and unresolved emotions come to the surface. Physical sensations of tension, anxiety and a sense of being overwhelmed can bring with them hidden doubts and fears. Fortitude and courage are required to stay on the path. This work is not for the faint of heart. Once you are awake, it is hard to go back.

To stay with your practice and trust the process takes commitment. A daily spiritual practice can remove mental, physical, and energetic blockages that obstruct the manifestation of your desires. As these obstacles fall away, life becomes more manageable; you step into the flow of life and experience synchronicities, miracles, and experiences of grace that lead you closer to your life’s spiritual purpose.

Is your nature to Be Free?

The first step to freedom is to dwell in the deep silence and peace that exists inside of you. Become comfortable with yourself and not a stranger. Only your spirit knows what is best for you.

You will find the natural tendency within you is to expand and evolve. Just as a child your nature may have been to explore, create, sing and dance. The inner child can be a safe pathway to your spirit. Your intellect is insufficient. The mind only knows the data from this life experience. Your intuition knows all about you.

Once you embrace the process and experience the results, you accelerate the pace of transformation. You will find you do not like being stuck, once you begin. Consciousness naturally expands. The better you know yourself, the better your life becomes. Your path of desire is fueled by wanting more.

What Are Some Signs You Are On the Right Track?

Subtle shifts in your perception and response to situations become your new normal. In the past, certain events got you upset. And now you flow smoothly without anger or disappointment. Positive thoughts seem to dominate your mind instead of worry and fear.

Notice if you are less judgmental and critical of self and others. Do you feel more compassion in general? As you do, you will notice that anger dissolves. You may feel at home in your body, mind, and life. If you find yourself more present, witnessing the world and reacting less from an emotional place inside, then you are on the right track

Your consciousness connects to a vast loving universe which gives you a sense that you have a higher purpose. And that you are part of something larger than life.

Five Reasons Why Is Spirituality Important?

  • To increase a sense of lightheartedness, so that you can take life less seriously.
    • Hysteria and melodrama have less influence over you,
    • You are naturally kind to others, and your compassion toward self and others builds close bonds in your relationships,
  • To create a road map to liberating you from your physical, mental and emotional dis-ease,
  • To manifest your desires with ease,
  • A sense of peace, calm, and a contentedness washes over you and sustains you through tough times,
  • You have a sense of being part of something bigger; you are never alone.

Spirituality Is A Way of Life.

The path of spiritual awakening is the most excellent adventure you will ever undertake. You are one of the lucky ones who realize there is more than just physical reality. Your spirit is being called to discover and embrace your life purpose and destiny. It is your birthright to evolve, grow and to be at peace.

I began my spiritual journey in earnest after a severe health condition twenty years ago. I have been steadfast in my studies, meditations, and commitment to a daily spiritual practice. A spiritual journey like many quests requires a guide. Through my claircognizance and energy healing, I do both guide and bright discordant energy from the field to allow for optimal healing and evolution of consciousness.

Spirituality Is A Journey Home To You!

It is not a religion, a myth or a story. And it isn’t just a theory. First of all, the fundamental assumption is that you are a spirit, a unique flicker of light. You are, always have been and always will be You.

Secondly, your spirit maps to your consciousness and every cell of your body. You can access this information it is your birthright.

Furthermore, as you evolve, you learn to collaborate with the forces of nature, spirit and universal consciousness.

I support individuals and groups to understand spirituality and most importantly how to connect with their spirit. Once aligned with your innate wisdom and intuition your choices fall smoothly in place. Life does not seem so hard. It is my passion to support others on their journey. I am Kathi Pickett, RN intuitive and healing energy practitioner dedicated to helping individuals and groups on their spiritual journey. You can contact me for a healing energy session or learn more about tools for spiritual development.

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