Understanding the Afterlife

I hope everyone is enjoying these last warm days as we transition into cooler months. September has always been a month of beginnings for me. In October I am speaking at the  Healing Beyond Borders National Conference in Colorado on Understanding the Afterlife. As many of you know i have been connecting with departed souls since childhood and have learned through Spirit, study, friends, family and clients who have shared their stories – where we go and what happens when we get there. So this much I know is true, take what fits your experience and beliefs while exploring possibilities.

As a person prepares to leave this world their deceased family members, angels and guides show up to let them know they are near to guide them to the invisible world. They want them to trust and know they are loved so that they can be alert to their experience and settle in smoothly.  As the soul exits the body they often hover over their death place and say goodbye before crossing a tunnel, river or bridge separating the two worlds. ‚Äč

Once through this Gateway they are encircled in white healing nurturing light as they begin to assimilate to their new surroundings.  Here with their guides they conduct a life review of every choice and the effects of those choices on others. Accepting and comprehending their own life’s journey from the vantage of this powerful healing light, forgiving themselves and others to clear their energy field for new lessons in the Afterlife. By accepting our shortcomings we make room for possibilities and growth.

With the support of our angels and guides it is decided where to go next for more healing or learning. Souls have different abilities just like us, some can return to earth and leave us messages. Lowering their vibration to return to earth can be difficult, often the best they can do is focus their energy in a beam of light to send a chill or vibration to our body, like the holy shivers or a tap on the forehead. Some leave white  feathers or dimes from heaven.

Common Misunderstood Truths:

  • There is no punishment only love and understanding at the life review
  • We can call on our loved ones and ancestors for guidance, they are happy to help
  • We have free choice to live our lives as we want; it is OK to remarry or sell the house
  • Our consciousness is eternal; no true death or birth, just transitions
  • There are many planes of light, each soul goes to the plane that is most aligned with their vibrational frequency, each plane has lessons and Spirit Guides to help us.
  • Each plane has a specific set of skills, teachings and opportunities for soul growth
  • There is no time or space; time is not linear and space is unlimited
  • Each soul continues to have free will and is not coerced to proceed.

Hope this was helpful, please share your thoughts.


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