What Do You Need To Know About Chakras? And Why?

what do you need to know about chakras

Chakras are energy centers that receive universal life force from the quantum field. They assimilate this precious life force into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies. This article will tell you what you need to know about chakras and your energy system to give you a pathway to heal, manifest, and evolve consciousness. As an essential component of your energy system, an understanding of the chakras is helpful.  

Researchers mapped the energy systems of indigenous cultures from around the world. The similarities in the ancient teachings are remarkable, universal and timeless. I will describe the Hindi model from India in this article as it is the most popular in Western culture. 

Spinning Wheels Of Light.

The chakra is a spinning wheel of light that receives, assimilates and releases energy from the body. Firstly, the spin of the energy center creates a vortex to draw energy in from the universal quantum field. Secondly, the life force assimilates in specific organs, endocrine glands, tissues and cells of the body. An optimal functioning chakra system nourishes, heals and fortifies all anatomical and physiological systems within the physical body. This process is essential to sustain all life forms including humans, animals, and plants. 

The Hindi Model.

The Hindi model identified seven chakras on the body and five beyond. In addition, there are twelve layers in the biofield. Specific characteristics are associated with your soul journey.

If you address your life at the level of each chakra, you can create health and harmony. The following is a brief explanation of the seven energy centers on the body.

Root Chakra.

Root Chakra – The first chakra is how you begin our soul journey and gives you a foundation, a sense of safety and security in the world. You learn about your world through tribal consciousness. A tribe reinforces core beliefs. These beliefs can limit self-expression as we individuate. The root chakra invites the light, love, and energy of the earth into the energy body through the feet and perineum. When connected we can get things done in the physical realm. The first step to find your purpose on earth is to develop deep roots.

Element: Earth              Color: Red     Physical Anatomy: Legs, perineum and lower spine.

If the root chakra is excessive:

Individuals are often overweight and have difficulty losing weight, feel stuck, lack a sense of lightness and freedom, become rigid. They need to know why, need to control, and need to be right to create safety. Subconsciously people tend to overeat so that the charge of anger, fear, guilt and more has someplace to go. They need more mass to absorb the electromagnetic charge.

If the root chakra is deficient:

Individuals are often skinny body, flighty, not enough mass to settle down; the charge does not have any place to go. Humans are electrical beings and need to be grounded just like the electrical current in the wall outlet. Not being grounded can lead to burning out. We release excess charge (as with anxiety) from our field through our feet into the ground to release that which no longer serves us. The characteristics of people who are not grounded are they cannot find their keys. They are late for appointments, quickly scattered, not able to complete projects and feel abandoned.

Affirmation for Healing.

“I am safe, I honor my body, and I have a passion for my life.”

Tool To Balance.

You learn to feel safe and secure in your physical body with some simple grounding exercises to anchor you and to give you a firm foundation for your life journey. To ground to the earth imagine you are a tree growing roots, walk barefoot, or spend time in nature to connect to the planet.

Sacral Chakra.

The second chakra has to do with honoring self and honoring another in a relationship as two. When you allow emotions to move through your energy body, you flow more with the ebb and flow of life. This chakra is where you create a passion for your life by embracing what you enjoy and making sure that life is a pleasant experience.

Emotions are messages that draw you toward what feels right and moves you away from that which is uncomfortable. Feelings are your navigational system like the GPS in your car. The voice says to go this way, and you decide to do something different it does not always turn out well. A healthy sacral chakra can experience emotions like pleasure, gratitude, intimacy, desire, and passion. These feelings nurture your creative connection with others.

Element: Water     Color: Orange        Organs: Bladder, uterus, ovaries, large intestines.

If the sacral chakra is excessive:

Someone who expresses too much drama, hysteria or intensity at the moment. Emotions dominant decisions and life experiences and can lead to constipation or liquid bowels, urinary problems, intimacy, and reproductive issues.

If the sacral is deficient:

A sense of being rigid, lacks playfulness, often unable to feel emotions and not able to handle the world around you.


“I trust and allow emotion to move through me. I create close bonds in my relationships.”

Tool To Balance.

A flow of emotions out of the body through dance and movement can balance the chakra. Also, you can bless the water you drink with a positive intention. “Bless my life.”

Solar Plexus.

The third chakra relates to the digestive organs and is the engine that fills us with vitality, fire, the strength of will and our power. It helps to steer our lives and gives us the energy to keep going during difficult times. 

Element: Fire    Color: Yellow.    Organs: Digestive organs, spleen, liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestines, gall bladder.

If the solar plexus chakra is excessive:

Using your power over others, overthinking, overdoing, taking unreasonable risks, powering through situations and accepting too many tasks feeds the ego. The ego runs the show. Anger, resentment, too much responsibility can lead to issues in the liver, pancreas and gall bladder.

If the solar plexus is deficient:

Individuals are not able to make healthy choices due to a lack of personal power, limiting beliefs, victimhood, powerlessness, does not take chances in life, and plays it safe. Worry builds in the spleen.


“I empower myself and others at all times.”

Tool To Balance.

Make conscious choices say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no.

Heart Chakra.

The fourth chakra is about the inner journey to discover who you are, what you are, your gifts you have to share with the world and what you need. The heart integrates the first three lower chakras of the physical world and your inner self and the higher chakras of the non-physical world and is the most rhythmic energy field in your body. It integrates your energy system to become organized, effective and efficient to build the capacity to love yourself and the world.

Element: Air.       Color: Green.   Organs: Heart, shoulders, thymus gland, lungs, and arms.

If the heart chakra is excessive:

A person could become co-dependent and overcompensate their need for love by suffocating others. Also, someone who is an idealist and perfectionist and alienates friends and family makes poor dietary choices and doesn’t make it to the gym is out of balance.

If the heart chakra is deficient:

An individual who lacks self-love and self-worth. They are often critical and judgmental of self and others. Also a sense of not being able to accept that which they cannot change. A lack of acceptance and forgiveness can cause self-sabotage.


“I love myself and others unconditionally.”

Tool To Balance.

The breath is a tool to balance the heart chakra. A slow, calm breath can bring peace to the heart, mind, and body.

Throat Chakra.

The fifth chakra is our communication center for self-expression, confidence, creativity and the ability to speak our truth with grace and ease. The ability to express yourself and to find freedom from toxic situations is the function of the throat. A sound is essential in this chakra. It is a way to communicate.  Every vibration has an impact on us. And using it to communicate effectively makes your relationships stronger. When you know who you are, you can speak with compassion, grace, and ease.

Element: Sound    Color: Sky Blue  Organs: Throat, neck and thyroid gland.

If the throat chakra is excessive:

Someone who talks too much without really saying anything or uses harsh words. Does not connect the heart to the voice and words come out inadvertently.

If the throat chakra is deficient:

An individual who swallows their words. They cannot speak their truths. Or someone who lacks confidence, will, and self-expression.


“I speak truth with grace and ease.”

Tool To Balance.

A chant or a song creates movement through the throat chakra. You can write for twenty minutes without stopping or thinking and see where you end up. No editing allowed. Surprise yourself, try it!

Brow Chakra.

The sixth chakra is the opening to the third-eye, your intuition, imagination, and your dreams, and create a vision for your life. The brow is the first of the transpersonal chakras.  Where you start to transcend and detach from your daily life. And look at the world from a broader perspective. As a human, you could not think, feel or dream if your mind did not allow old thoughts to die away. You are limited by your five senses to see only the material world. But your intuition senses the non-physical reality and dissolves the physical world into a bundle of vibrating energy you can see clearly.

Element: Ether.        Color: Indigo      Organs: Brain, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, face and pineal gland.

If the brow chakra is excessive:

Too much psychic input where you cannot discern or sort out your thoughts. You cannot see the truth. Mental confusion, lack of clarity, and wandering mind that chooses to live in a fantasy.

If the brow is deficient:

Sees only one point of view, lacks vision. Already knows the answers and does not need to ask the higher self.


“I am open to inner wisdom, clarity, and insight.”

Tool To Balance.

You can embrace the beauty in your world, become curious about your life and your surroundings, open your mind, see what is before you. Journal your story to help with self-reflection.

Crown Chakra.

The seventh chakra is where you can expand and raise your consciousness to transcend everything that distracts you in everyday life. The crown connects us to divine wisdom and purpose. An open crown chakra opens you to connect your consciousness with the universal consciousness. It is here you develop your spirituality

Element: Thought      Color: Violet or Purple.  Organs: Pineal Gland and Pituitary Gland.

If the crown chakra is excessive:

Lives in the mind, cannot seem to stop thinking, not able to sleep, overly attached to spiritual matters.

If the crown is deficient:

An individual lacks a spiritual connection and a practice to connect with spirit. They often express feelings of being alone, separate, “I have to do this all by myself.” A person lost without purpose is a sad life.


“All is One, trust all is well.”

Tool To Balance.

You can quiet the mind in meditation, and mindfulness practices can connect you to your higher power and divine wisdom.

A summary of the critical attributes of the seven energy centers on the body is as follows:

  • Root – a sense of being safe and secure
  • Sacral – trust your emotions, close bonds in your relationships
  • Solar plexus –empower self and others
  • Heart –love self and others
  • Throat – express truth
  • Brow – clarity, insight, and intuition
  • Crown –trust, divine wisdom, all is well

The Function of the Chakras.

These energy centers receive and assimilate subatomic particles from the quantum field and therefore can bring in debris from the environment such as psychic free radicals from the thoughts and emotions of others. Psychic free radicals can feel like irritability, nervousness, cloudy thinking, or fatigue.

Daily Practice.

A daily practice to check in and clear your energy field from the day-to-day stresses can strengthen your biofield. You can state gratitude for your blessings to reset and enhance your energy field. It is always easier to clean the slate each day then wait until a significant dis-ease expresses itself in your body. Your senses can detect disruptions in the energy system in your body.

Self-Awareness When You Are Out Of Balance.

Do you have an inner knowing deep within the cells of your body that it is time for a change, but time for what? Your body knows before you do, it creates signals of discomfort. Sometimes the universe creates barriers or challenges where there once was smooth sailing. Either way, how can you discern your next steps? The good news is some processes can guide you. We all have free will, so it is up to you to take action and to be willing to explore the limitless possibilities. The first step is a balanced energy system.

An Imbalance in Your Energy System.

An imbalance leads to physical dis-ease, anxiety, irritation, depression, mental confusion and lack of connectedness to others. It presents in many ways, and you know when it is happening or happened. Do you have an imbalance in your life? How does it present? Are you unable to feel love, ease, contentment; or do you feel alone, abandoned, anxious; or exhibit physical, emotional or mental ailments; or lack direction, meaning, purpose, inner guidance, success, close bonds in relationships or impulse control? All these disruptions in your energy body are alleviated with energy medicine.

Any barrier to a peaceful, happy life is eliminated through processes to clear and balance your energy system. And to release stuck unhealthy emotions and thoughts from your energy field. To maintain your energy system, you need to create healthy boundaries, reset your belief system and embrace the spiritual truths of the ancients that are still true today. 

I have treated thousands of people just like you who want to reset and strengthen their energy system to enhance well-being, health and to manifest their desires. I am Kathi Pickett, RN intuitive and healing energy practitioner dedicated to supporting individuals and groups on their spiritual journey. You can contact me for a healing energy session or learn more about tools for a healthy energy system. 

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