What Do You Need to Know About Energy Laws Today?

What do you need to know about energy laws today? It can change your life? The energy laws are in effect for all of us at all times. An understanding of these laws can lead to health and well-being.

The human eye cannot see the subtle energy flowing within and around our bodies and environment. An understanding of these energy laws can:

  • Bring awareness to the power of our choices, and
  • Teach you tools to manifest, heal and transform your life.

The Energy Laws.

An understanding of energy laws can change your perception of events, allow you to heal and fulfill your destiny. There is much beneath the surface of your physical reality.

The people, places, and situations we encounter are also affected by these energy laws. When you see the world through the lens of energy and subatomic particles, you can change your body, mind, and soul. As a human, you have control over your response to events. 

The following are some relevant concepts that will provide you with a foundation so that you can apply these laws in your life.

You Are Energy, too!

There is only one You! The sparkle of you is always the sparkle of you. Fundamentally you are a flicker of light, the unique essence of who you are, who you have always been, and who you always will be. This flicker of light is whole, perfect and complete at the core of your being. It is ‘you’ who came into the womb to have an earth experience with a plan for this lifetime.

Even identical twins contain their uniqueness just like a snowflake or a fingerprint. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can be transformed. Have you ever thought of a friend or family member who lived miles away and the next thing you know they called you on the phone? Each of you is identifying the unique essence of the other through the ethernet.

The Energy Law of Constant Motion once in motion always in motion.

Even after death nothing stops moving, molecules may dissolve into dust, but the dust continues to flicker into the space around it, beyond human sight. Nothing is static; everything is in motion. A pebble dropped in a pond sends ripples through the water, the ripple reaches across the pond eventually no matter how small the ripple becomes. 

An Atom is 99.9% Space – the body is more space than matter.

According to science, an atom is 99.9% space. What is in that space? Could it be consciousness, particles of light, possibilities, magic or miracles? At the subatomic level your physical body is no longer solid but a trillion plus moving particles of light.

The Universe is Infinite – not limited by time and space.

The best estimates of astronomers are that there are at least one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe. The Sun is one of  200 billion stars (or perhaps more) just in the Milky Way galaxy alone. The vastness of possibilities within the atoms of our bodies and the stars in the universe is beyond reason.

There is more that we cannot see that we can see. Light from the most distant galaxy will reach us eventually, and our unique light will travel to that infinite galactic universe as we breathe in subatomic particles from the quantum field.  We could breathe in a particle of light from a distant star. Our bodies could be part of a star. I am sure of it.

Energy Law of Interconnectedness – All is One.

We are all one, what affects one affects us all because we share the quantum field. We are never separate. A drop of water in the ocean is the ocean. A drop of water is not separate from the ocean. A cup of pond water poured it into the ocean would be folded into the ocean and would not be distinguishable from the ocean. 

Energy Law of Reaction – Each and every action have an infinite number of reactions and possibilities.

In Newtonian physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction; in quantum physics, every action has an infinite number of reactions. Every thought, word, and emotion sets in motion an infinite number of reactions. There is no one to one correlation between cause and effect because every action can be affected by numerous other reactions. We may never know why some events happen; the possibilities may be too complex for us to understand.

The Energy Law of Gravity – Mother Earth Loves Us.

We are held to the earth by gravity as a mother holds her child close to her chest and sends love to the child. Mother earth sends the frequency of love to humans, plant, and animals. This energy is right below your feet at every moment, no matter if you are on a plane or a boat. Even if you live on the hundredth floor of a high rise, the earth energy is available to you. The earth is called Mother earth because her vibration is loving, nurturing and nourishing. 

Energy Law of Attraction – Like Attracts Like.

The law of attraction is the idea that whatever we give our attention to will become part of our lives. An energy law that like vibration attracts like vibration supports the concept that our thoughts have specific vibrations and will attract those similar vibrations.

Our thoughts are powerful tools to attract to us that which we desire. We can attract things that we do not want as easily as we attract things that we want by thinking about them a lot.

Here are three steps to deliberately attract what you want:

  1. Identify what you want,
  2. Focus your positive thoughts intently and,
  3. Allow it to manifest in your life.

Energy laws are in effect at all times for everyone.

There are markers and guideposts within every one of you that illuminates your path. The subtle energy swirling within and around you can give you clues.

Some are obvious, as when you stumble over twigs in the woods.  A gentle nudge from nature to slow you down and invite you to pay attention. Or a forceful reminder that stops you dead in your tracks as though being hit over the head with an imaginary two-by-four.

You will find insights for your soul journey through an understanding of your unique essence and the energy laws of our highly structured universe. Energy laws are impersonal and effect everyone, everything and at all times.

What do you need to know about energy laws today? Ask Kathi Pickett, RN and Healing Touch Practitioner to find out how to incorporate this knowledge to change your life. You can contact Kathi for a healing energy session.

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