What Is Energy Medicine? What Can It Do For You?

What’s energy medicine? What can it do for you? Many individuals and healthcare providers ask these questions. There is a wide range of skepticism. In this article, I have some answers that may surprise you.

I am on an integrated health team at Canyon Ranch a Wellness Resort in Lenox Massachusetts. It includes physicians, therapists, nutritionist, and more. We work together to find solutions to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you find it difficult to start a project or stay on track? Are you irritable, tired, and unable to find pleasure? Do you experience physical dis-ease? If so, there is an imbalance in your energy system. Western medicine does not have all the answers.

Energy healing transcends all time. Ancient cultures embraced it.

Everything Is Energy.

Beyond your five senses, you feel your emotions, entertain your thoughts, and receive intuition. And for the lucky ones, you feel blessed from spirit. This invaluable information cannot be seen by dissecting your brain or through a microscope. And yet, you can sense when something is wrong.

Your thoughts, words, beliefs, emotions, and actions emit electromagnetic charges. These charges move beneath the surface of what you can see, feel and sense. In other words, you are a trillion million vibrating particles of light. 

You Are Energy, too.

Since everything is energy, you are too! Most importantly, you are a unique vibration of light. A friend may call you on the phone. Meanwhile, you were thinking about them for days. You both recognized each other’s unique essence through the ethernet. There are no two alike. 

Your Energy System

Every living plant, animal and human has an energy system. It is required to receive life force, prana or chi from the quantum field. The energy system is mechanical. All humans have the same system. 

First of all, core energy flows from the top of your head down the center of your body. It connects you with the cosmos above and the earth below.

Secondly, a biofield or auric field surrounds your physical body. An etheric body forms an energy grid of meridians. They run through all the major organs, glands, nerves and energy centers. 

Thirdly, energy centers that bring in life force are called chakras.

The universe consists of highly structured and organized energy laws. They help you to balance your energy system.

What Is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine assesses, intervenes and evaluates your energy system. Most importantly, the goal is to heal or to make whole. Wholeness of the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. All energy modalities balance, connect and clear the system. In short, an individual’s healing mechanisms ignites. Energy medicine modalities include:

  • Acupuncture,
  • Craniosacral,
  • Healing Touch,
  • Reiki,
  • Sound Bowl Healing,
  • Crystal Healing,
  • Tone Healing and
  • many more. 

A practitioners’ knowledge of the energy system is imperative. Also, an ability to assess where the energy flow is deficient or excessive. After that, the practitioner creates a focused pathway to resolve issues. 

A practitioner interprets and smooths out energy. Both within and around the body. And has a heightened sensory ability. It requires practice and focused intention.

On the other hand, we have an innate ability to heal. As humans, we heal through the ‘laying on of hands.” Any human touch with the intent to send love – heals. 

The Benefits of Energy Medicine.

A balanced energy system feels peaceful. In this state, an optimal flow of energy supports the mind, body, and spirit to heal itself. It can lead to anti-aging, anti-pain, anti-sad, and anti-stuck remedies. Subsequently, a disruption can lead to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease.

Life is often chaotic. And can cause disruptions in the energy system. Many individuals seek an energy medicine approach. Especially when western medicine has reached its limits. After all, some symptoms may not respond to talk therapy or medications. An energy medicine modality may do the trick. As it restores balance, clears congestion and creates a vibrant flow of life force. A balanced and clear system will:

  • Build resistance to life stressors,
  • Calm emotions,
  • Support a healthy immune system,
  • Nourish organs,
  • Heighten intuition and mental clarity, and
  • Ignite passion and creativity.

To Heal

Pain blocks energy. And can be relieved. You increase the flow of energy through the painful area. Relationship breakups or career transitions often lead to disruptive energy. Above all, it is released in a healing energy session. Clearing stuck emotions open individuals to a new opportunity.

To Reset and Strengthen Your Energy System

Day to day events, psychic free radicals from toxic people or environments can get clog up your energy system. Of course, your thoughts and words send vibrations through your energy body, too. Therefore, choose your thoughts and words carefully!

To Awaken a Spiritual Practice

You connect with your intuition, higher power and soul’s purpose in a peaceful, balanced state. Clients frequently say, “I feel more like myself.” Subsequently, this creates a sense of empowerment. A spirit guide or deceased loved one may show up, too.

A Healing Energy Session

My preparation for a session includes a focused, mindful approach. I connect to my spirit, the heavens and the earth. I clear my energy field. 

During a session, a client lays on a massage table in a relaxed position. I invite them to close their eyes. And to imagine a safe, peaceful place in their mind. I instruct them to send distracting thoughts and emotions out on white puffy clouds. After that, I place my hands over their body. And I allow healing energy to flow through me.

I observe the energy system. And assess where more or less flow is needed once the energy system is balanced. I teach self-care techniques for ongoing healing.

A Daily Practice

Good skin and healthy gums require daily practice to achieve good results. Consequently, a vibrant energy system needs daily practice. For example, meditation and mindful walks calm the mind and emotions.  Also, you can garden, dance, sing, and play. As a result, you enhance the flow of energy through your body. The key is focused intention. In other words to be fully present.

What Is Energy Medicine? And What Can It Do For You?

In conclusion, the universe is highly organized and structured. The structure supports the success of individuals, society, and the global community. A vibrant energy system is your key to find a purpose in life. Energy medicine brings in universal life force to enhance your mind, body, and soul. 

What is energy medicine and what can it do for you. For a free consultation contact Kathi Pickett, RN Certified Healing Touch Practitioner that is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association.

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