Where Does Hate Go When You Die?

Where does hate go when you die? Someone dies who has been mean and egregious to you or society. Maybe it is a rapist, murderer or abuser. It is not such a mystery. Let me tell you a story of a hated soul and his prayer for another chance. It may awaken you to a mystery in the Afterlife.

Where Does Hate Go When The Person Dies? 

A soul leaves the body at the time of death and where they go is a mystery. Hate is an electromagnetic charge of subatomic particles of light traveling through time and space.

Full conscious intention to send hate specifically to another is received because humans have a unique vibration. Energy law is once in motion always in motion. Therefore, no matter how far, hate travels the distance. Subsequently, it can leave a trail in the universal consciousness as well as in your body.

What Do Anger and Hate Feel Like in Your Body?

It can feel like a tightening of your throat, nausea, digestive issues or a heaviness in your chest. Every thought you have of a person or event triggers another charge into your body. These charges build over time and can lead to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease. 

The anger and hate you express enter the universal consciousness and effects all of us. And here is the real point for you, hate and anger can fill every cell of your body, too.

A Woman’s Hate Transcended Time and Space.

A retired woman came to me for a healing energy session because she lacked joy. She described her life, “I have a loving family, friends, financial security, extensive travel, a comfortable home, and strong spiritual practice. Something is missing. I have worked hard and want to find joy in my life and discover my true purpose.”

Joy Was Elusive.

She expected to find joy in retirement and to her surprise after a year of retirement joy has eluded her. In my mind’s eye, with my eyes closed and full conscious attention, I observed intense emotions anchored in her throat, heart and lower back causing a disruption in her energy field and physical pain in her legs. I told her that I sensed she had buried strong anger and hate in her body. She said, “I am confused, I just told you my life is good.”

The Source of the Hate.

After a pause, she said, “I have not thought about this for a long time. I thought I had let it go, but I just saw my first husband’s sister and she reminded me of all this.” She cried, “I am still in pain, I hate my ex-husbands’ father. He ruined my husband’s life, my life and our children’s. I do not hate my husband anymore, just his father.”

She said, “I finally realized that it was not my ex-husband’s fault. His father was abusive. He would wake him at night to beat him for no reason and hold a knife to his mother’s throat. He destroyed my ex-husband. I hate no one but I hate him, he ruined our daughter’s life through his alcoholism and brutality, too. He died decades ago, but I cannot forgive him even though I am a spiritual person.”

What Do You Hate?

I asked cautiously as she was so adamant, “What do you hate? Do you hate the image of this man that no longer exists? An illusion of the physical body of a man that is gone. We are all beings of divine light, and he is too. He left his physical body on earth and entered the Afterlife to heal, learn, forgive and be forgiven – his essence is no longer the man you hated.”

I explained to her, “I believe that all of us do the best we can with our upbringing, experiences, addictions, knowledge, and lack of support. If he had been loved by his parents, maybe he would not have done what he did. I suggested that we send light and love to her father-in-law for his highest good.” She said, “I cannot, he was so horrible.” I could not assuage her. Unfortunately, the joy and pleasure she seeks will continue to be filtered by this hate.

The Receiver of the Hate.

Through my clairvoyance, I connected to the deceased soul of her ex-husband’s father. The deceased soul was no longer in the Afterlife. He returned to earth with a mission to love and to be loved. He appeared as a toddler dressed in modern clothing on a living room floor playing with toy cars and blocks with his younger sisters.

A soul is hopeful for a better life. He peered over his shoulder at me with pleading eyes and said, “Shield me from this woman’s hate and give me a chance to experience love.” I filled the child with light and love creating a protective shield.

Hate Travelled Through Time and Space.

The woman’s hatred sailed through time and space to this child’s soul. The strength of her negative energy that she is intentionally sending to him transcends time and space. Although he has been dead for decades, the hate she has for him still reaches him. She could endanger him and repeat this ugly pattern of abuse.

Who Do You Hate?

Who in your life has played the antagonist for you? Souls can play a role in our evolving consciousness. And sometimes the hardest lessons came from these souls who may be inviting us to explore ourselves more deeply. I tried to encourage her to embrace what she has learned about herself and her ability to love and to accept her husband. Through full conscious intention, she learned the power of love heals relationships. 

Is there someone you hate dead or alive? I implore you to release the anger and if you can — open your heart and send light and love to them. So that we can stop this crazy cycle of hatred, to allow rebirth, and to instill hope for all of us.

Where does hate go when we die? Kathi Pickett, RN is mediumistic and communicates with souls to helps individuals understand souls and to heal. As a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Kathi can help to smooth out the energy in your bodyContact Kathi for a healing energy session or learn more about the Afterlife.

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