Reasons Why You Need to Consider Energy Medicine for Healthy Living.

energy medicine for healthy living

You may do everything right. You eat healthy, exercise, meditate, go to yoga and yet you may feel out of sorts at times? Maybe you are tired, irritable, or your mind is cloudy? Or you do not feel like your best self. What you sense is subtle energy within and around your body that creates dis-ease. Reasons, why you need to consider energy medicine for healthy living are plentiful. You may be surprised by some.

Everyday Challenges Can Cause Stress.

Even minor life events affect how you feel and your response to situations. Hectic schedules with all the right intentions and for all the right reasons can overwhelm you.

For example, you wake up excited for a meeting for which you diligently prepared. Confident and calm you say to yourself, “I got this.” As often happens the best-laid plans often go astray. The traffic is worse than usual. You arrive late. A stress response builds in your body. The tension shows on your face as you feel rushed and embarrassed. You realize that your voice is an octave higher when you start to speak. Your nerves break through the calm you had at the beginning of the day.

How Do You Respond to Stress in Your Life?

Over-eating, over-exercising, over-thinking, and over-drinking are common responses to stress. These are not healthy coping mechanisms. And can lead to more dis-ease. Electromagnetic charges embed in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies during stressful situations. The discordant energy leads to illness, fatigue, and irritability. When you are on top of your game, you are vibrant, glowing, and confident. 

Powering Through Your Day Can Build an Exaggerated Stress Response.

Too much to do and not enough time day after day is not sustainable for health and well-being. Unless you schedule time for self-care to release the stress response you experience an overload of charges: charged events, even the happy ones’ build-up discordant energy. Also, stress causes a cascade of hormones that affect all physiological systems. Anxiety, panic attacks, acute illness, and uncontrolled chronic illness result when you ignore stress in your body. Many times people ignore the early signs.

In addition, the charges result in colds or flu’s, mental confusion, irritability, digestive issues, fatigue, and insomnia. And that is not all, psychic free radicals and the toxic energy of people, places and things in your environment directly affect your mood, health, and happiness.

How Do Discordant Charges Get Stuck in Your Body?

Your thoughts and emotions all emit electromagnetic charges. It is these charges that get embedded in your energy body and cause dis-ease. Low-frequency charges such as fear, worry, anger, and grief disrupt the energy flow through your muscles, brain, digestive system and organs.

Did You Know that Emotions Only Last 90-Seconds?

According to Ellen McGuinness, MA, LPC the brain gets its trigger and releases its chemicals, 90 seconds later the chemicals are flushed and the physiological impact has faded OR during those 90 seconds the busy chatter of the left brain has generated possible future scenarios, or assessed alternative chains of events, or connected to related experiences, or criticized, judged, and blamed everyone possible, or all of the above, consequently, releasing more chemicals to keep the emotional experience flowing.

Do You Know How to Stop the Cascade of Charges?

Some people tend to attach a “story” to an emotion. By habitually recycling these stories, you get stuck in an emotional pattern that can negatively affect your life. It is possible to shift to your right brain and create positive stories.  You can consciously choose to focus on something that is going well. Maybe even state an affirmation, “All is well.” It only has to be right at the moment that you claim it.

The circumstances in your life did not change. However, you changed the electromagnetic and chemical reactions in your body. When the mind focuses on the here, and now — life is more enjoyable. And as you may know, being fully present heightens intuition and mental clarity. It is freeing to break this pattern.

I believe you can learn a new pattern. Allow the 90-second charge to move through you and command a charge of a higher frequency. Remember you are not separate; the grand universe holds all of us in boundless love. There is no good reason to hold on to a charge that clouds your thoughts, affects your mood, and attitude.

Do you know how to discharge the excess emotional charges in your body?

One of the reasons you should consider energy medicine for healthy living is an energy practitioner can find where you store these charges in your body and release them.

Energy Medicine Resets and Strengthens Your Energy System in the following ways:

  • Aids in digestion of food,
  • Eases muscle tension,
  • Nourishes organs,
  • Reduces inflammation,
  • Clears the mind,
  • Improves immune function,
  • Calms emotions,
  • Enhances sleep, and
  • Releases toxins stored in the organs and tissues.

By maintaining a healthy vibrant energy system, you enhance your resilience to stress and ignite your natural coping mechanisms. This optimal flow of life force yields a vibrant glow. Your friends, family, and colleagues may notice how easily you flow through life challenges. Also, the good news is a healthy energy system repels low vibrations that lead to disease. It is a win-win.

Another Reason to consider Energy Medicine for Healthy Living is to Heal Old Wounds.

All forms of unresolved trauma, grief, transitions, and chronic pain cause stagnant energy. Your energy body holds every memory of this lifetime and gets stuck in your tissues. Healing old wounds may be the most significant reason to consider energy medicine for healthy living. When pain and suffering go on too long, you wear out. You get to a point when nothing seems to relieve your suffering. To live a healthy life you must at some point decide to release stagnant energy.

The following are reasons to seek energy medicine to heal wounds:

  • Nothing helps, you feel stuck.
  • Western medicine and traditional therapies are not effective.
  • You know deep inside that it is time to move on.
  • You tried, and you need a jump start to reset your energy system.

Reasons to consider Energy Medicine for Healthy Living and Spiritual Transformation.

A healthy energy system connects your spirit to a higher power or universal consciousness — a place where all things are possible. A vibrant energy system opens you to your insights, clarity, intuition, divine wisdom and purpose. The soft, quiet voice in your head that knows you better than anyone is heard. When you align to your higher power, you manifest your destiny.

The following are reasons to seek energy medicine to ignite spiritual transformation:

  • Clears the clutter in your mind to open to your imagination
  • Find pleasure more easily.
  • Open your third eye to ignite intuition, imagination, and dreams.
  • Manifest your soul’s destiny.

There is so much more than meets the eye.

You cannot see subtle energy bodies. However, you can sense when something is ‘off’ in your body, mind, and emotions. In addition to what your feelings tell you and your mind informs you, your spirit is speaking, too. Western Medicine cannot detect the subtle changes in your body. But you can recognize early signs of disruption and take action.

In an overwhelmed state of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual disease you may benefit from a healing energy session with an energy practitioner. I work with subtle energy bodies to create energetic coherence which is the optimal flow of energy. In a living organism, it is a place where all the cells of your body are smiling.

A sense of vitality creates harmonic resonance, and you feel more like yourself. Family and friends will let you know it is good to have the real you back, too. 

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living.

A daily practice to balance your energy system is preventive medicine. Healthy gums are the result of brushing and flossing your teeth daily. A dental hygienist only cleans your teeth twice a year. You need to do the work. It is the same with a healthy energy system. It takes daily practice to maintain a robust system.

A vibrant energy system is essential to healthy living. Energy medicine works to clear unwanted charges from your body, mind, and spirit. Thus, smoothing out some of the normal ebbs and flows of life. Every day is a new day when you learn tools to clear, balance and connect the flow of energy through your body.

I have treated thousands of people just like you who want to reset and strengthen their energy system to enhance well-being, health and to manifest their desires. I am Kathi Pickett, RN intuitive and healing energy practitioner dedicated to supporting individuals and groups on their spiritual journey. You can contact me for a healing energy session or learn more about tools for a healthy energy system. Or contact me for a free consult today.

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