Will The Afterlife Be Boring? & More About What Happens When We Die

Will the Afterlife be boring? Where we go, what we do, think and feel when we die is a mystery. All we have is faith and signs. Do we go to a vacuum of nothingness or return to a beautiful, loving world from whence we came?

Do you wonder about your loved ones who have died? Where are they? Are they okay? Can I communicate with them? Can they see me? Not knowing can be disconcerting. I have communicated with hundreds maybe thousands of souls have told me their story.

Here are some ideas where your loved ones are and what they could be doing!

What is the Afterlife?

Ancient wisdom, religion, near-death experiences, and past life regressions suggest that there is an Afterlife where souls will continue to learn, to heal, to guide and to build their capacity to love the world.

Movies, books, and qualified clairvoyants have brought many skeptics to open their minds to the possibility of an Afterlife where our spirits continue to exist after leaving the earth plane. What do you believe? Do you believe the physical body is temporary, and the spirit is eternal? People often ask if the Afterlife is boring. Here are some ideas.

What Happens When We Die?

The physical body dies with the last breath, and the spirit lives on in eternity. There is no heaven, hell or purgatory. We are admitted to the Afterlife no matter our race, our culture, our socioeconomic status, or our beliefs. It is open to all, even those who make egregious decisions on earth.

As an individual prepares to leave the earth plane their deceased family members, angels and guides show up to let them know they are near and to guide them into a mystical realm in the Afterlife. They want you to trust and know that you are loved, supported and never alone.

In addition, many individuals have dreams of their deceased loved ones prior to their death. Sometimes, they tell family members, “Uncle Joe was just here” and Uncle Joe has been dead for a decade.

A Gateway to the Afterlife.

A gateway can appear as a bridge, river, tunnel, or mountain. Some souls hover over the death place pausing to say goodbye before entering a gateway to the Afterlife.

Can you picture in your mind that you are standing at the bank of a river? Your family and friends are shouting, “Don’t go, don’t go. We will miss you.” Your soul family is on the other side saying, “Welcome home, let’s celebrate your return. And most importantly, we are anxious to catch up on all we missed while you were on earth.”

A Healing Light.

You have heard people say at the time of death, “Go into the Light” the light is a healing light. For example, once through the Gateway souls are encircled by a healing light to assimilate them to their new surroundings and to shed their etheric body.

The etheric body is a body of energy that permeates the physical body, giving it sustenance, health and, vitality without which the physical body could not be alive. The etheric body can retain unresolved emotions and thoughts.

All life forms including plants and animals have an etheric body for its health and survival. The healing light clears the energy field to prepare for the life review. Here is how one soul described his experience.

“It was like, I was neither dreaming or awake. I had no sense of my body as I floated into space like when meditating. Loving beings of light surrounded me. There were no words shared between us. My body was weightless. The beings of light made me feel loved. I trusted them, and we moved effortlessly together toward the light and I am at peace.”

A Life Review.

Spirit guides, guardians, angels, and you harmoniously conduct a life review of every choice you made on earth and the effects of those choices on others. The life review is like watching a streaming video of your life in about one second. Remember, there are no limitations of time and space in the Afterlife so things can happen quickly.

There is no punishment, only love, and understanding. It is a time to accept mistakes, shortcomings, and faults to make room for possibilities and growth. Individuals who hold on to the traumas and dramas of their life can take longer to pass through this stage. However, long it takes, it takes.

A Plan for What Comes Next.

After the life review, you are reunited with your soul group. Most certainly, we are all unique frequencies of light who always was and always will be, so our loved ones will always recognize us in the Afterlife. With the support of angels, soul group members and spirit guides it is decided where you will go next for more healing or learning. No need to worry if the Afterlife will be boring. There are many options beyond what we can imagine.

The Afterlife is Rich with Opportunities

In the Afterlife there is much to do, nothing to do, much to learn, and nothing to learn in a dimension where there is no time, space or gravity. What are your loved ones doing without their bodies? Do they roam around aimlessly, suffer or find meaningful activities?

On the other hand, souls are either busy or at rest, souls have free will to choose. Souls are not coerced. There are teachers to assist in their learning.

A lesson may be to embody wisdom. For example, a wise person learns to be impeccable with their words, which is a higher skill than just being honest. You can be honest and hurt someone with your words. A wise person uses their words carefully to convey difficult messages with compassion so that they are received and heard.

A Soul Can Return to Earth.

Most importantly for us, once settled in the Afterlife deceased souls can return to earth. They have different abilities just like us, some can, and some cannot. Mediums can communicate with your loved ones and you can too if you have recognized a loved one in a dream or vision.

One of the keys is to trust the messages you receive. If you wonder if they are near, most likely they are. Souls are never bored in the Afterlife, just checking in on their loved ones on earth keeps them busy.

A soul must learn to return to earth. It can be difficult, often the best they can do is focus their energy in a beam of light to send a chill or vibration to your body, like the ‘holy shivers’ or a tap on the forehead.

As electrical beings they can manipulate the electricity of lights, remote controls and cell phones. Your loved ones in the Afterlife have limitless abilities to travel to earth and find you, your children and loved ones. You can ask them for help, too.

Why Did Your Loved One Die?

A souls’ story of incarnation and death is personal and unique. There are endless reasons why someone would leave their earth body. The truth is you may never know the whole story. Not knowing can lead to emotional, mental and physical illness. When you let go of the need to know you can heal your grief.

A tragic death played over and over in your mind can cause endless suffering. Think about it, people who bled to death are not still bleeding to death and people who died of cancer do not still have cancer. They have no physical body at all.

Celebrations of Life replace traditional funerals to share warm memories of joy and laughter and the time spent together on earth.

Sometimes a loved ones dies to bring more light to the Afterlife and to heal departed souls. You see there is much to do and the Aftelife is not boring. I have met souls who believe they could do more to help their loved ones in spirit than in human form.

A Story of A Father Who Took on a Ministry in the Afterlife

A woman, whose father died in his fifties, came to me for healing. She could not understand why he would leave his loving family and a good life. The father’s spirit explained, “I am deeply spiritual, worked hard at my career, love my family and yet I was not able to incorporate a ministry on earth. I had created a life that had no room for it.”

He said, “I have a vocation to serve others. I can reach so many more people as a spirit. I teach souls in the Afterlife to send more love to the earth.” The Afterlife needed another teacher and he agreed to the task. His daughter felt relieved that he was providing such a service and no longer worried if the Afterlife is boring.

Will the Afterlife Be Boring?

Where your loved ones are and what they are doing is unknown, and quite frankly maybe none of your business. You could just let them be and instead place your curiosity on living your life to its fullest. Yet, it is so heart-warming to connect with their love that is always available. So, why not ask? They will be there for you.

Can you remember an event in your life that lasted but one minute and changed the shape of your future? Souls too can have an experience in the Afterlife that can change them forever. Those who made poor choices or died tragically on earth can heal. If you wonder if the Afterlife will be boring, wonder no more. The Afterlife is dynamic, and souls are evolving. Your loved ones are evolving, too.

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about the Afterlife:

  • You will see your loved ones again.
  • They are safe, loved and supported and can see you and your family and are present for special events.
  • They will leave you signs that they are around, be open to see them.
  • You can call on your loved ones and ancestors for guidance, they are happy to help you. They do not feel bothered by you when you ask.
  • You can not prevent them from experiencing their journey.
  • You have free choice to live your life as you want; it is okay to remarry or sell the house.
  • Each soul continues to have free will and is not coerced.
  • There is no time or space; time is not linear, and space is unlimited.

A Message For You

Our loved ones will often come to earth to remind us to live our lives how we want to be remembered as the caring, loving human beings that we are meant to be. The house, the cars, the jobs, and the vacations seem less important than finding our true selves and living a congruent life.

We do not have to wait until we die to reflect on our lives, to conduct our own life review, to heal wounds, to make course corrections, to forgive, to accept, to love more, to be present, and to live an authentic life. When you are in the present moment and live your life from your heart you will find inner peace, joy, and happiness. As on earth, we do not have to worry, “Will the Afterlife be boring. There are many opportunities to be busy and productive.

A Poem from Tagore on ‘Immortality and Beyond’ by Deepok Chopra

Can’t You Hear Him. Have you not heart his silent steps? At every moment and every age. Every day and every night. In fragrant springtime and down the frozen path. In the rainy gloom of a summer storm. When his thunderous chariot passes overhead. In sorrow after sorrow, joy after joy. That press upon my heart—- He comes, he comes, he ever comes …

Death Comes to All

Death will come to all us, to all loved ones, pets, plants, and animals. No one can escape this ultimate truth. Death can bring us closer to the reality that we are a spiritual being having an earth experience.

Souls in the Afterlife are not bored they are having an experience so that they can evolve consciousness, rest, heal and to build the capacity to love the world. When in doubt – trust that your loved ones are exactly where they are supposed to be, most likely they are.

Communication with deceased loved ones can be comforting and bring the knowledge that the space between the physical world and the Afterlife is not such a big chasm, after all. Your loved ones are closer than you think!

A Souls’ Experience on Earth

Will the Afterlife be boring? I think not. A soul’s experience on earth is an infinitesimally small piece of a much bigger puzzle of many soul lives. What your loved ones are doing is impossible to really know and maybe not even comprehensible. Souls have taught me that the possibilities are endless. Try to be open to miracles beyond what you can see and comprehend. The truth is miracles are everywhere.

Will the Afterlife be boring for your loved ones? Kathi Pickett, RN is mediumistic and communicates with souls to provide a better understanding of the Afterlife to heal grief. You can contact Kathi for a healing energy session or learn more about the Afterlife.

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